Tuesday , January 31 2023

What a miracle was


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Only one year old girl was diagnosed with rare cancer. "Enjoy every minute," said her mom.

In February of this year, they diagnosed a girl with a rare type of ovarian cancer in Senoya, Georgia. After four rounds of chemotherapy, it was a miracle. The little girl got completely healed!

Little MacKenny's parents, Shiha Axyasas, came to the hospital and told her that they had a severe fever. In addition to this, its unusually increased stomach "We took it to the doctor. At that moment, they thought they were just gas, so they asked us to drop her," A little girl's father for a local newspaper Mike said. Drops did not help. The diagnosis was more serious. After a thorough investigation, the doctor knew that there was a huge bubble in his ovary. "It was a rare nerve tumor of cells. It is most commonly done in children between the ages of 1 to 2," Cincinnati Children's Hospital explained.

Big Small Fighter

However, according to his parents, the girl is a great warrior, and could not even do the disease: "She is very stubborn, and despite being only two years old, she is in charge of us. She undoubtedly fought against cancer, she would not let her stop," Her father said.

Four months later, at the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center in Atlanta, childhood oncology was in the McKenna checkup examination. They saw that the little girl had no signs of cancer and she was completely healthy. "The scan was clear and clean. There is nothing there," Small warrior Megan's mother said. "We sat and screamed. We are for a moment, but they do not believe it," Happy parents quotes on People.com

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