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Who is Johnny Ewe? Wizard design is also Apple's success pillar


Apple's design team is in charge of the late two-year-old friend Steve Jobs.

Yesterday the whole world was surprised by the whole technology Apple's sudden departure from design. Jonathan Iv, the man behind the design of this most successful product of the Cupertine Giant, left the ship and set up his own company, Love Frame.

However, its connection to the apparatus is definitely not complete, the iPhone manufacturer will become its first and most important client. Despite this, Apple's actions have significantly reduced the response to unexpected advertising.

Interestingly, the name of the new company is finally a tribute to Steve Jobs. He happily said that you should love and love more than what you are doing, even if you will never meet people who are producing your products.

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Johnny Ives's name is tied to Apple brand (at least in its modern history). The legendary designer in the company has been working for 27 years. With the advent of Steve Jobs as executive director, Iva led the entire design team in 1997. Both were great friends too.

First Project I.E. Was operated in 1998, now the legendary IMAX computer was formed. He then left his manuscript on the next Apple projects. Such as iPod, iPhone, iPad or the latest Apple Watch.

Johnny Ewe is the author of the first IMAX's iconic design.

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Johnny Ewe is the author of the first IMAX's iconic design.

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In most of the technology companies, design hardware adopts, but Apple has edited other engine editors around it to fit designers. So Ive and his team enjoyed unprecedented independence. Jobs himself said that he did not have any of the company – Ivy Junk Power

The main source of his inspiration, especially the German school bauhaus, was described by the hard work and minimalism. With these rules, I tried to separate Apple's production family from other manufacturers' devices.

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The increase in the popularity of "mashed apples" is directly responsible for increasing the popularity of the designer. Johnny Ive became an icon and started social contact with leading individuals. In 2012 the British Princess Anna was also knighted.

They do not live financially, their estimates are expected to exceed 100 million euros. When Apple refused to provide a private plane a few years ago, he bought what he used in his life.

It is also worth mentioning that his voice with accepted British pronunciation is often used for Apple's marketing purposes.

See the preview of Johnny Ive's promotional video:

Apart from this, he is also a resident of the Royal College of Art and has collaborated with some of the prestigious brands on the charity project. He has won numerous awards during his career, and his name appears on many different patents.

During his time at Apple, he had narrowed down a powerful facility to return to creative position.

We can not know the true cause of Cupertino's current departure, but we can predict about more creative freedom or better financial evaluation.

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