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You can avoid sugar. Do you know? | News

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  • 19.11.2010 09:35



Source: TASR

Katharina Raslova, chaired by the Dowwormer Diabetes Society, says how to prevent diabetes.

To prevent type 2 diabetes, routine exercise and healthy eating are the most important, said Roslavo. Regular exercises in exercise or high energy costs are the basis for health in the future.

Diabetes Inhibitors Program In 2002, physical activity was much higher than drugs to prevent diabetes. It also applies to other health concerns, "said Roslova. "I started a day long protest a few years ago and the next day when I came back from a 5 km long walkway or two drugs I took for high blood pressure," said the SDS chairperson. The brain's regular course stimulates the production of happy hormones – endorphins.

We do not forget about nutrition. Fruits and vegetables have a balanced balance in a single area, and fruits and vegetables will fiber, vitamins, and particles in the human body, "Raslova says.

On the contrary, extra consumption of low-cost foods and high-intake food produces overweight and overweight. Deputy SDS Sabinene Shonner said this is the most important factor in diabetic development.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus represents around 90% of all diabetic cases in the world, affecting lifestyle and environment based on experts. This was once said to be a diabetic, but it was in children and young adults.


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