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"24 hour return to Triglav" – from Krakow on a bicycle to a hill

Martini's Sec At 9 o'clock in the night he departed for the route named Kony "24 hour return to Triglav", And Sec Returned after 21 hours and 20 minutes BackGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

In the meantime, it has exceeded 4,000 feet in height by bicycle and foot. "375 km by bike, then from Prague to Triglav and Back V. The door. Which means it was about 14 miles to hike, so it was a nice breakfast. The bikes were around 13 hours, and 6 hours and 40 minutes heading to Triglav and Back, " Sec Laugh In the extreme Athlete.

Photo: Television Slovenia

He also had a companion on the way to the cart lizards by bicycle, and on his way to Triglav for safety, with whom they had already done some feats. "Sleepless night, miles away Sec All together, unleashed on the wheel Sec Of course the climb to Triglav was known. So we had a good hiking pace and we had a great day, " Pia Persic explained.

It was not a record
Martinique claims he didn't want to break a record, as he knows well that Triglav was from Sandy Bayer Novo Masto in 1994 and Back Came V. 12 hours and 57 minutes: "Far from it. It's a bit much Self-proofBecause you are always facing these challenges. "

Video from the Slovenian Chronicle: From No. 3 to Triglav

Travelers are already making new plans Adventure Turns out that Andre does as they please Absolutely Mature, still doesn't want to predict.

Some time ago, the 630 km long Slovenian Mountain Trail, the 250 km long Zasav Mountain Trail and Pio Parisiis cycled the 1,800 km long Slovenian tour cycling trail and 1,100 km long tourist mountain trail at one time. Via Adriatica Trail In Croatia.

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