Saturday , February 4 2023

A former Slovenian girlfriend showed her a luxurious home


Tennis Player Maria Sharapova Is for Architectural Digest She opened the door in her house. She said in her introduction, "I always wanted to be inspired by the inspired Japanese style," she introduced her multi-story villa.

The building has a very high ceiling, where according to Svetlölská, it was related to Slovenian basketball player at the time. Sassoo Wuzseck, A lot of light and air, and you think you're on the beach. The building was built for three years and the interior walls are concrete. If there were many colors in her previous villa, she was more reserved for this time, and she tried to limit it to more natural, more earthquake tones. There are many artworks and antiques in the interior, for which they have given new value. For example, the Japanese gate has become a counter.

Sharapova emphasizes the importance of connecting the interior of the house with the outer exterior. Therefore, there is also a living room that connects to the terrace while opening wide doors. There is also no pool near the house. There are no offices in the house, because it wanted to make sense of comfort. However, they often find themselves on phones and computers in one of the closest rooms in the house, which is in the most peaceful part of the house. In the kitchen living room (and I, Sharapova itself is cooked), and its utility is best shown during visits, while you can quietly prepare everything according to your needs, and you still live Do talk to visitors in the room or follow their conversation.

The building's basement is another place for socialization, including bowling lounges. "Yes, he can sound very loud, so when someone sleeps, we do it. It's fun, but it usually includes a lot of fun," Sharapova said, with a built-in shower May be comfortable too.

Her bedroom door was closed.

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