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A picture for a blind and visually impaired person


How many books are there on bookshelves, children's rooms and kindergartens? Countless, is not it? What about typographic picture books for children with visual impairments? There are only three available in the Slovenian bookstores, which are equipped with signature elements, Braille and Slovenian text in extended traditional fonts, say Nina SchmidtLibrary at the IRIS Center (Library, Education, Rehabilitation, Inscription and Advice for Counseling and Counseling) "In our library, we only have 150 tipcards, in a copy, because it is created manually."

Most of the focus was paid for the selection of the material.

Now they will become rich for extraordinary production, penguin tips and mysterious lawns, which are long-lasting and heart-shaped teachers of the teacher. Mateja Jr. gubak, Professor Mag Prior to Womend's education in Wimbledon, Waltzan, which has been running casinos in the children's section of Eyes Clinic for many years. She said that Penguins are the first Slavin drops and a picture book, in which there is a black and white picture, which stimulates the point of view of each child, whether it has visual problems or is completely healthy. "Contrast is particularly useful for children, who have difficulty in keeping clear, clean forms, content and relief pictures encourage research, reflection, detection."

Mateja Jarzy's gubakk production will fill a big difference in blind children's education. Photos: Eucalyptus Lab

Mateja Jaruri Gube has already worked in two ways with her colleagues: Meta, eye doctor (author Standard Tekavčič Pompe) And chicken pike (with author's permission Marjana's Monka) Penguin used in the clinic and in the IRIS Center is his first biography. Working with a child born without an eye, the aim of the teacher and his colleagues is not easy, because they demand too much with the child born without eyes, but are satisfactory – they are extremely fortunate to make progress. Is there.

Next year for everyone

At the presentation of these important achievements, the honest commitment to education of blind and partly child children based on development psychology and spiritual knowledge and experience emphasized the director of kindergarten woth. Marta Corosac, Former head of the clinical professor. Dr. Brigita Drenaussek Olpup And head of the Children's Department Doc. Dr. Standard Tekavčič Pompe

In production, they mostly work with the selection of materials that will make possible gems, sand, earth, grass, water as much as possible.

The copy of Penguin's only hand will be donated to the IRIS Center, "The second copy is in production and we will use it in both clinic and kindergarten, because it is easy to reach the world of blindness with the tip of the eye." She says that she does not forget to praise all the people, help her, they are Ardad Admac, Janja Hana Jamniker, Maja Wixler, Manja Žugman, Robert Resumen. How many hours he had spent in the form of penguins, they were not in the calculation, but certainly many Everything is done manually, thoughtfully and accurately, because it is mainly intended for children (who) are deprived of the view, and therefore must satisfy other senses, especially the type.

Content and relief pictures stimulate navigation, thinking, introduction.

In production, they were most concerned with the selection of materials that would reproduce as much as possible gemstones, sand, earth, grass, water …. Such books are difficult to print and expensive (special binding, braille, embossing, manual removal of each copy ..), that's why they are often unique, but in the coming year the Penguins will be accessible in a wide audience of readers, because despite the complexity of the press, the project Blisinga House lekarna decided to lubbjenane support.

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