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A1 offers poor access points on the Internet

Objavljeno: 22.1.2019 16:00

In A1, they introduced a new service that could bring fast internet access and digital TVs where it was not, or the quality was extremely poor.

This service is called A1 combo lite, but the LTE signal is fully used for signal transmission – the external antenna directed toward the outer station. Antenna "holds" some base stations, but it is directed towards a strong signal (in the event of a failure it can be directed to another base station).

Initially, there will be two packages, the first one will speed up to 20/5 Mbps, the other 40/5 Mbps. The first package offers more than 50 television channels, another 180 good channels. Television transmission will reach the bandwidth available, but emphasizing by A1, the purpose of the service is to users who do not have the opportunity to gain comparable access to the web and digital television. Thus, the services will be available at the beginning of trisical, centilis, kungota, pesnica, cronellegas, semic and metallica municipalities, and are planning to expand to other places. The cost of the cheap package will be $ 37 per month (with a two year bond) and every month more expensive (with a two-year bond again).

More information on the service is available on the A1 website.

Ten years ago, on the monitor, we have already tested how a signal can be reached when a targeted antenna is used, then with the WiFi network.

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