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Aluminum humiliated the Olympics with half a dozen hits

In the 18th round of the first league, Telecom Slovenski organized the Lublin Olympics in the 18th round of the first league, and he was very beat with the result 6: 2. Under the guidance of coach Zoran Barishek, this & # 39; Dragons & # 39; The first defeat is.

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Lubbele's football team is under leadership Zora's window & # 353; & # 263; a They lost their first defeat. Nowadays, in the live game, they play premium "aluminum" and are prevented without losing a series of 12 league matches, thus giving green and white Maribor the opportunity to increase their advantage on the ranking, Aluminum, who fined the poor defense of half-dozen goals, did not pay the penalty Less & amp; # 39; reached the third place on an annual basis.

In the first part of the game, the audience saw a very live demonstration in which the field was slightly more alive, and was very active in the field of kidneys. And you have a great advantage. The hosts took the lead in the second minute when Lukas Horatit shot a shot from the corner of the penalty area and scored the wrong direction. Alja Eva & # 269; a. & # 269; a. In the 15th minute, guests are out of the game, or after that Stephen Savvy & # 263; From left to right, Luca Jan & # 269; It was closed Putin MarkWhich he sent on the network. At home, in 23 minutes, when I'm giving it it is again in the lead Diamond Jake & # 353; & # 263; a Hit right Nicola Lacos. Later, in the 42nd minute even after taking the deduction in the network, it was for the first time, # 269; Elijah Martinovi & # 263; Hit with the head shot before.

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Lubba footballers are under leadership Zoran Barricik Experiencing the first defeat. This time in the live game he recognized the power of playing aluminum and prevented a series of 12 league games without losing. Green and Gora gave Meribor a chance to gain advantage over ranking, Aluminum, who blamed poor defense with half a dozen goals, reached at least third place at least.

In the first half, the audience saw a very live show, in which Lubajjians were better at the field, while Kidricians were very effective and they got a great advantage. The hosts took the lead in the second minute and shot into a bad mood by shooting from the corner of Lukas Horatit Penalty area. Algez Iwasic. After 15 minutes, the guests got together after the match was over Stephen Civic From left to right, Luca Janžekovič The ball was bounced Mark Putincanine, Which he sent on the network. In the 23rd minute, when the pass was given, the home team returned to lead Nimana Jaxic Hit right Nicola Lacos. In the 42nd minute he was successful even after clearing the ball in the net Elijah Martynovic Header tablet with header.

Footballers have made half-a-dozen hits for Aluminiz Lubzje residents.Photos: NHS

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Otherwise, Olympia had some opportunities, especially Andreas Womberger, Who in 9th minute, janan # 269, tried with a head three times; Defending, he scored 21 goals, but he scored in 32. He had a good chance in 36 minutes, when he scored his final goal with eight feet. In the seventh minute, it was a little bit small Dino Tweeter Penalty is on the edge of the area, with free-kick, January 37th & # 269; Putin & # 269; Anne saved a new shot and it was in 39 minutes Asim Sullaji & # 263; Shot with a header but the judges estimated that he scored a goal by jumping off. After half, got a red card Mikey BugakWho hit it Rok Kidri & # 269; a.

Despite being a player for less than 52 minutes, the number of players of the Ludubala decreased, but delay, while Stefan Savvy & # 263; A & # 382; Two minutes later, when he hit a good 10 meter halt again, altitude was hit by two hits Francesco Tahiraj. After a few seconds of entering the game, he scored Alan Cragen In the 63rd minute, after losing Tomislava Tommy & # 263; a And the left hand side is just hit below the 10 meters. In 72 minutes, after the counter-attack has benefited home, shooter entered Dejan Petrovi & # 269;.

In the 78th minute, Woombarger was again on the head with a headline, and again "Jan and # 382; Ekki" again and later, Eva & # 269; i & # 269; Defended the attempt Erica Glill. There was also this last chance in the match.

First league telecom Slovenej, round 18, result:
NK Aluminum – NK Olympia Lubblazer 6: 2 (3: 1)
& # 352; Portland Park, Judges: Win & # 263 ;, Card & # 382; And Pergar (all Meribor).
Shooters: Horwat 2., Putin anin 15., Lake 23., & # 160; Laco 42., Sevi & # 263; 52., Tahirish 54., & # 160; Kranjek 63., Petrovi & # 269; 72.
Aluminum: Jan & # 269 ;, Jakob & # 263 ;, Martin & # 263 ;, Contac, Gilia, Horvat, Petrov & # 263 ;, Momins & # 263 ;, Lico (77th Gregory & # 263;), Tahiraj (From 84 th day), Kidri & # 269; (62 crudens).
Olympia: Eva & # 359 ;, & # 359; Tiglick, Zarifovi & # 263 ;, Baganak, Boca, Tommy & # 263; Putin and Apos; (64. Kapan), Sevi & # 263; Cranoveter 46. McKeimenko), Sulzi & # 263; (From 68th lupate), Womburger.
Yellow Cards: Tahiraj; Sulfi, Putin and Anin, Kapun.
RD and cardboard: Bugnac (45th).

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Otherwise, Olympia had many opportunities, in particular Andreas Womberger, Who tried three times in the ninth in the minute, Janžekovič defended, sent the ball off 21st and 32 goals in the ball. After 36 minutes, when he made 8 meters of his foot, he had a good chance. In the seventh minute, it was a little uncertain Dino Štiglec With a free kick on the penultimate area's coast, in 37 Janžekovič wrap Putincanine a new shot, and in the 39th minute it Asimir SullivikWith the header, but the referee decided that he committed a crime and made a goal. At the end of half an hour he got a red card Mikey BugakWho hit it Roca Kidrick.

Despite being less than a player, after giving StuLlk the ball, Lubbeel's residents reduced the gap in the 52nd minute when Stefan Civic hit the left side. But after two minutes, he scored two hits from Aluminium by a good 10 meter hitting Francesco Tahiraj. After entering the game, he hit another in just a few seconds Alan Cragen 63 minutes in the match with strike from right Tomislav TommyAnd the left hand side is just hit below the 10 meters. After playing in 72 minutes, got 1 – 0 lead on home side after the attack from right Diet Petrovic.

In the 78th minute, Woom Burger was again on the head again, and Janzakovic was successful again, and after some time the evildoers rescued the effort. Erica Glill. It was also the last chance to play.

First league telecom Slovenej, round 18, result:
NK Aluminum – NK Olympia Lubblazer 6: 2 (3: 1)
Sports Park, Judge: Winsick, Cordes and Pergery (All Meribor).
Shooters: Horvat 2, PutinKennin 15, Laco 23, Laco 42, Sevic 52, Tahiraj 54, Kranjak 63, Petrovic 72.
Aluminum: Genzekovich, Jacques, Martynovic, Kontek, Gillah, Horvat, Petrovac, Miminovic, Lacos (77. Gregakit), Tahiraj (84. Tridi), Kidrick (62. Kramnik).
Olympia: Ivvica, Štiglec, Zerifovic, Baganak, Boca, Tommy, Putincinin (from Kapun 64), Civic, Cranavitre (46. Macquenço), Suligić (68. Lupeta), Womburger.
Yellow Cards: Tahiraj; Sullic, Putincenin, Kapun.
Red card: Bugnac (45th).

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