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Apple leaves the iPod and the legendary designer of iPod


29. Jun. 2019 6:00 pm

| Updated: 7:54 / 29/06/2016

Apple leaves the iPod and the legendary designer of iPod

Apple's technology company Apple will have to find a new head designer. Johnny Ive, who has so far taken over the city, leaves the company and goes to her, Thursday's Apple messages are explained by public press agencies.

"Johnny Design is the world's extraordinary person and can not be described in the role of Apple's resurrection," the departure news was explained by Chief Executive Officer Apple Tim Cook.

Ive was responsible for designing all the Apple's important products, including the improved way of the British, in 1998, with its improved computer IMAC. This applies to the product that Apple has saved from its fall. After leaving Apple, he is "establishing his own design company, which will be considered as Apple's primary customer," according to American Technology Agency AFP, American technology company

Today, 52-year-old Iv joined Apple in the early 1990's, she took lead in the design team in 1996. He also loved one of Apple's trusted trusted Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. IOS operating system running iPods and iPhones as well as Apple devices

According to Cooke, Apple will continue to work on exclusive projects with Apple, while in the future Apple is counting on the "bright and passionate" design team established by the outgoing leader in the company.

The German press agency DAP said, "After about 30 years and countless projects, I'm very proud of the work we have done in establishing a design team, process and culture in Apple, in which there is no example." In his words, the team is "alive and more talented" than ever before in Apple's history.

Roger KA, the technology analyst at Endpoint Technologies, told AFP that Evian's role in Apple was very high. "Their design was their main contributor to sensitivity," he said. "Steve Jobs understood what he wanted and brought it to reality. It was very magical," he explained.

Apple has recently focused on products and services. The company has recently lost its position as the world's largest market capitalization market, it strengthens its range of music streaming services and digital payments.

In recent times, he has launched News + for the news, and this year the streaming video streaming platform will launch, will attack competitors like Netfix. In partnership with Goldman Sachs, the company will also provide its own credit card, and will also introduce the Mobile Game Subscription Service.

According to research firm IDC, during the first quarter of this year, iPhone smartphones sales declined 30.2 percent year-on-year to 36.4 million units. In recent years, IPO has been the main driver of Apple's revenue.

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