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At the end of the oggy car, "as an old mother"

French Open Sebastian OGier (Ford) won the sixth consecutive year in the world rankings. His Belgian theory Niwali (Honda) gained 219 points to be in 201th place in the fifth and final Test of the season. Fini Jari-Matti Latvua (Toyota) Australia won.

Ogier, who has been the head of SP since 2013, has unified himself at the second position of the eternal champions of champions. Only Sebastian lobby has been included in the team for nine seasons. From 2004 to 2012, Sebastien Lobb was only the only player in the list of Finnish Jun Kankankunan and Tommy McKinnen. Toyota was celebrating this year's Teams.

Latvau ran second in GPIN rankings in the rally in Australia. New Zealand's Hyden Padon scored 32.5 seconds. In the third place, Norway's Mads Osterbag scored 52.2 seconds. Fourth Finn Escapue made Achiever goal for Lupee. After two minutes, one achieved a specialist speed test and five times earned.

Before the end of the season, there was also an opportunity for the Belgian theory to headquarters, and Estonian Ottoman Tactics became more theoretical. After the Second Test, Australia defeated the Army and took control of the match on the same day. However, the end of the race ended with a tree in the final speed test. In the attempt to make the final split a useful one, the Neva Vellala ranks did not last. In the end, three HP bikes were lifted from the front of the road. This name color is out of date. Neville II, Tanakh III, is the title of the last time.

Sebastian Augier

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"I have great joy and great pride in what I have achieved

Finally, at the end of the last day, the reason for the departure of the hostile opponents did not make any effort to work more, but he often missed out for a single rhythm. You agree even after the rally, that even a few moments went "like my old mother", because he knew he'd be able to spend a lot of time on a big mistake. This is more likely because of the heavy rains on the last day and heavy rains.

"I have a new season, the struggle for the crown was very dynamic and emotional, and the achievements I have achieved are full of joy and pride," we traveled on a good journey, "OGier said.

The Ford team had last year to replace him for a three-year contract and signing for seasons from 2008 to 2011. Later, Volkswagen (Ford and Ford), Ford and Ford, respectively, were fifth and sixth respectively.

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The champion is not known yet, which is an interesting Catalan ralia lob

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