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Auditors' Status: Schools should control waste food more effectively

The audit court conducted transitional audit of regular care and food handling efficiencies in six primary schools. One of the schools raised negative opinion, and the rest of the opinion was with reservation. They found that schools offer balanced food to students, but they can do more to eat them, and deal with garbage food more efficiently.

In the audit's court, the audit reviewed the regularity and efficiency of handling food at the primary school of Smith, Elementary School of Anton Támaz Linhart Radówljálica, Elementary School Brasovica Pre Lubblazy, Elementary School Iva Svarva, Primary School Milosjarke Šrurukelj Nova Gorica and Elementary School Vismers Broad.

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In four primary schools, they requested to submit a report report

Primary school Brasovica near Ljubljana gave a negative opinion on the regularity of food handling, while the rest of the opinion is with reservation. Among other things, they believed that all the food schools were working in part, and they gave recommendations to improve their business in this field. Four schools also requested to submit a report.

Based on the audited audit, the Audit Court concluded that schools offer a balanced diet, but they can do more to educate students and deal with waste food more efficiently. However, it should be noted that the responsibility for care for their own health and proper nutrition and environment starts from home, they wrote in the audit court.

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The amount of waste was 18 kilograms per pupil

It is clear from the audit report's court that the school spent 64 million euros on food last year, while parents paid an average of € 38 for school meals. The amount of garbage per student was 18 kilograms. Schools bought less than 10 percent of organic food and did not always choose the best providers when buying food. While schools used to buy local food, but against the rules

In the audit, the court had made good efforts to reduce the fossils of the food, but the schools were not adequately able to do this. President of the photo, Audit Tomaž Casual Court.

In the audit, the court had made good efforts to reduce the fossils of the food, but the schools were not adequately able to do this. President of the photo, Audit Tomaž Casual Court.

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Meals were often prepared in accordance with the guidelines for a balanced diet, and schools also provided awareness on parents and students about the importance of healthy diet. Several good attempts were made to reduce food fossils in the audit, but the schools were not adequately equipped to do so.

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Some schools were not supervised that the cost of the meal included all costs

All schools were preparing meals in their own kitchen, they all offered lunch and lunch, five snacks and three snacks. At the same time, the Audit Court pointed out that some schools have not supervised whether the cost of food is included in all costs, while in some cases the cost of all meals was not accepted by the School Council.

Last year, more than 72 tonnes of garbage was collected from garbage in six schools, whereas at the level of primary schools at the primary schools there was no accurate and complete data on the quantity of waste, the audit court warned. They found that schools do not supervise what is happening with garbage food, but some do not mix garbage adequately.

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In audit, the audit court collaborated with the National Institute of Public Health Organization and advised with ecologists without Borders and Ecolola Society. Recommendations were given to schools by the cooking master Bine Volčič In Luca Jägerssek.

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