Sunday , March 7 2021

Bratuskov: Hungry, the second truck is more expensive

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, information technology Infopark Alenka Brathasek Hungry said, "Tendulkar's country does not participate in the construction of the second railway. "If we work together with Hunger, the cost for building a Divača-Koper line is worth more than a hundred million euros, and we value ourselves," they said.

"If we build together with Hungry, it will be cost for a line construction
Demaco-Copper is worth more than 100 million euros
We made it, "Aleenka Bratušek photo: ZIGA ZIVULOVIC JR.

Аленка Братушек At the meeting of allies, he reminded the minister that he had been in the hearing in September and that he had personally considered Hungary's participation in the second wave. As the minister suggested the second track in Slovenia, they were waiting for the final figures. This decision was intended to be handed over to the government.

To the statement Victor Orban In such a scenario where Hungary requested, Orban will not abandon a foreign investor in his own country.

Bratuskova replied to the question of how we would contribute to this project and that an accurate economic formation is being prepared. It is now unclear whether the current 200 million euro will be capital or whether the debt can be contained within this debt.

The European withdrawal was unfortunate for the project after Hungary's decision. They also examined themselves in a conversation with the Commissioner. Violeto Bulc. In the case of the European Investment Bank (EIB) loan, they said the deal was not final. The contract has not yet been signed. The EIB's representatives assured that the project was not a problem and that the deal was easily curtailed.

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