Thursday , August 18 2022

Breker was elected to the European championship championship


The Slovenian women's handball team is looking forward to winning the European Championships in France. Selector Uros Breger A great competition will be waged for 20 handball players who have published a list, in which 16 actors of the Slow.
Burger selected species are collected in Lasco, where they are ready for the next ten days, and then move towards Sekre for the ultimate training.

Among the girls in Nancy, Montenegro is waiting for it (November 30), after that in Russia (December 2) and two days later comrade with Russia. In the second part of the competition, three top teams in each group will be ranked.

The list includes: Doctors Amra Pandzic, Majaja WoWonovich (Both the Crimean Merchant) Branka Zec (Bayer Leverkusen), Winger's actresses Innes Amon, Polona Bark, Tamara Mawsar (All automated mercutetes), Live chocolate (Quarrel) and others Jasina Paisak (Z & # 39; Dežele), external actresses Elephant, Tjaša Stanko, Hana Vučko, You are Sulik, You Žabjek (All automated mercutetes), Nivas Ahlin, Lee Crank (Both of the zagoris) Tej Ferfaja (Roman), Ans Gross (Breast), Eliñera's codel (Z & # 39; Dežele) and round invaders Daja kojo (Mintat agudrochina) and more Lina Clacker (Gappinson).

Captain A Gross will lead the team in the top of the season. Photo: Oro Jose Hoover / Delo

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