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Dallas defeats New Millennium Luke Doncich # Video

Today, the US Games for the holiday are always on schedule before the usual NBA league. Dallas Z. Luke Donetsk He lost to Milwaukee Buck (116: 106), the team of the leading team and the second league team of this season season. This is Dallas' fourth consecutive defeat. Donique, who has performed well in the voting for all the stars' sport, is in the race against Bucks, despite the weak targets, the NBA has recorded the first quarter. Today Miami will host basketball players who will host Boston.

The effect of Luke Donetsk: 18 points (2/12, 2/5 to 3, 4/5 free throws), 11 rebounds, 10 assists, 1 stolen ball, 1 abolition, and 3 lost balls in only 33 minutes.

Season average: 20 points, 6.7 rebound, 5.1 assists, 1.2 steals, 3.2 lost balls, 0.3 blocks in 32 blocks.

Slovenian basketball player Luca Doncic Milwaukee has set a new landmark in the NBA league. It's the first quarter of the world's most powerful basketball league. He ended the match with 18 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Young Slovenian basketball player became the second youngest basketball player in the NBA with Triple Twin. She reached the age of 19 years and 327 days, she was just young Mark Feltz, Which reached these excellent achievements ten days short.

Donique He started the game in the first five. In the first minutes of the match, he collected the basket, three rebounds and one goal, missed the first attempt for three points. After the poor start of Dallas, the Slovenian basketball player sat on the bench.

Blockadea Doncaca:

Doni met, but did not move forward, but he blossomed in other statistical elements. He finished the first half of the season as the best jumper and matchmaker (seven rebounds, six rebounds), which was very bad in the attack, because he made only three points in 24 minutes. Dallas returned to the quarter-finals in the second quarter, Mavericks scored six runs in ten minutes in just ten minutes, and Milwaukee's basketball players tried six times but failed. Gianyse Antitokonpo Milwaukee scored 19 points in the first half.

One of the Donskic subsidiaries:

Alone among viewers

Dončić spent ten minutes better on the floor in the third quarter. Again in the third quarter of a meeting with Milwaukee Defense again 19-year-old basketball player came in front of the audience, this time he visited the nearby encounter with one of the broadcasters. He spent the last few minutes on the bench due to a blow on the face. After three quarters, Milwaukee's advantage was eight points; Untouchable Enteconnops reached 27 points in 36 minutes.

Done with the producer Doneck:

The second smallest basketball player with Triple Twin

In the final quarter, the 19-year-old basketball player got a new historical breakthrough after he reached the first triple-double in the NBA. Donasik completed triple doubles in five minutes and 26 seconds before the end of the match, when he recruited missing help Dandrey Jordan. For Goran Dracula In Ben Oriya Basketball player Dallas became the third Slovenian with this kind of achievement.

Dallas approached the leading West team near the game, but Buxie easily took the lead and quietly brought the game to his advantage. Mavericks continue to maintain disastrous statistics on roaming. He got 20 losses in 24 matches, he is still away from the cities that have ended.

It gives a signal in which Luca Doncic receives the first triple double:

They believe they are a reliable team

"I had to hit some targets, but I did not have it, and I have to work on it." The goal of each team is to stop the opponent, but we have not succeeded. "We need to trust, I believe we are also a confident team." To return to the game, "Donetsk believed, who is 13th in the Western Conference with his teammates.

After the defeat, Slovenian teenagers gave answers to questions about the All-Star Race: "Thank you everyone who voted for me. First of all, we have to wait to play in a star race. If that's it, it will be great."

With the home team, Antichoconxo finished the match with 31 points and 15 jumps, Eric Blades He scored 21 points. Dancer was 18th with the first Dallas shooter, Jalen Bruceon Two points have been reduced, Jordan finishes bribery with double twin (15 points, 15 rebounds).

Dallas will play the next game when he is home to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The main things of Luke Ludovici's game at Milwaukee:

Lega NBA, January 21


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