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Eva laughs at her ear, after a long time #Azza on the video footsteps


The first final decisions are known in Canoeing, in the world cup and in the air and wild water. For the pleasure of the Slovenian national team, Kennel Ez Barkyck and Kayker Eva Tercel rose to second place.

Perhaps it was a little better after the semifinals, but two other cities for the Slovenian national team are also a big success. First of all, a canoeish tribal took care of the great joy of the stands Anže Berčič, Which he had celebrated in the year in 2013, this time he went to the second CD. In the semifinals, when he reached the tenth position, Berkeck rarely scored the last leg.

It is good that he fought ahead

"I was really satisfied with the semi-finals, because I was actually attacking, I had two touching, but luckily I came out. I started preparing for the semi finals, where I also showed good rides, from fourth to fifth door. But I fought. It's good because this ride has brought a very good result, "After the race, Burke said that the final vehicle was not bad, but he did not know Hey, where will he agree?

Svasku is the best result, but it is more hopeful

Benjamin Saviska, Who went on to ride in the semi-finals, the race was slightly hurt. In the end, his score was enough for a fourth place, which is his best result in the World Cup. Third Slovenian Representative Luke Christmas He left the gate and was at the ninth end. "I had a lot of problems on the whole track, I was in the right rhythm, which was not the best thing. The result was the best result in the World Cup, but I was hoping something more in the semi-finals," he was a little disappointed after the game. Sawkesk, current European champion.

"I was holding up with the right rhythm, which is not the best for me."
Photo: Sportida

This time, Italy's Roberto Colchester was pleased with the triumph, while the third experienced Alexander Alexander Slafcosky.

Eva Terrell

Photo: Urban Magellak / Sportida

Eva Tersel smiles on her ear

Kears had only one representative in the final. Eva Tercelje She made her with excellence in travel. Lubygen's Kears was the only 26th-century to win, but he was happy with the second place. For Evo, after the third in Sava Rapids in 2013, this is the best ranking in the tech. Terrell has been very consistent this season, as he participated in the finals in all the matches, but he was successful in achieving the biggest success at home.

The audience gave her extra pace

"They already joked that they kept me tracked for four panel seconds, and I feel that I have done a good job during the winter. I am very happy that I rounded both rounds without penalty, for me A great success. The best way to succeed in success is at home, though viewers adopt the most beautiful atmosphere, even if you do not listen to them on the track, but they It gives me more incentive. "Despite the excellent results, the Slovenian karakare said, she knows where to return it to the 26 century.

Eva Tercelj accepted the superiority of Italy Stephanie Horn, While the third place was taken by Yukirka Victoria Am. Eva Ally's Hoverver and Ajaova Novak finished the match in the semi-finals.

On Sundays, the program will be the Kears and Canoeest.

Happy hourglass by photo lens (Photo: Sasa Pahic Zazo / Sportida):


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The finals will be varied: Sweek is one of the fastest ever in the semi-finals, Eva Tercelje was the second

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