Friday , January 15 2021

Fear of attacking the Orthodox Church

Lubel's police officers took preventive measures against the alleged threats of attack on the Orthodox Church …

According to television television, the Dutch security authorities informed the police of the threats allegedly attacked Lubzana's Orthodox Church, where believers celebrate a bad day. They immediately began to stop any possible attack. Later, they received additional information that the risk is not particularly applicable to Lubbell, they report from Lubbala's police directorate.

On Sunday, the Dutch security authorities told the horrific Slovenian police of Lubzna's Orthodox Church's supposed attack on the night. Orthodox believers today mark T I have a bad day, in which he will wait for Christmas. Late in the afternoon, they gathered in the Orthodox Church in Lublin, where the people who make the house were traditionally taken to Badger and burned them, and at midnight they took part in festivals in the church.

It does not apply to Lubblaza

Police officials started collecting instructions, activities to verify the seriousness and authenticity of the risk, to prevent possible attacks during a group of security forces, following a suggestion by the Dutch security authorities. They also conducted interviews with church elders. They presented self-protection, police and planning activities.

During the day, they receive additional information that reduces the level of risk or decreases the intensity of the threat. After further investigations by the Dutch security authorities, they found that these threats do not apply specifically to Lubby. Police officers organized their activities.

At the same time, all visitors of religious rituals were requested to avoid using pyrotechnic articles, thus, the peaceful conduct of this method was supported, and easy operation of police activities was recorded in the message.

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