Wednesday , July 28 2021

Foliage or snow – what's more slippery?

We often hear those leaves in certain situations – especially when wet and multi-layered – causes serious risk to drivers. Is that true?

Late autumn may be particularly unpredictable for drivers, because this means that this year dry roads and hot weather have changed after a long time. Individual sections of roads may be completely different, changing dry and wet asphalt, especially shade and foliage on the road.

Ford engineers have found surprising answers. Experienced drivers compare the effect of the snow running on the ice. But how can it be slippery like a scary white stain? A group of Ford engineers experimented with a unique experiment that helped them find.

Snow data was not difficult to obtain – in the snow-covered Scandinavian places they were already measured when testing the vehicle. However, there is no research to show how slippery it is. For this purpose, the team fills the bag with a leaf and covers a testing track on Ford's polygon in Belgium. Then, the friction testing device was called to help, which is how slippery the surface is, by rolling on the basis of the scale.

    | Author: Ford


The same team of engineers who took part in this experiment included a new & # 39; crossover & # 39; & # 39; Slippery & # 39; to activate Ford Focus. Help develop the driving mode (slippery). A system designed to improve grip clogged with snow, snow or wet leaves, for example, snow, ice or wet leaves, ensures that systems for more stability, acceleration and braking to help prevent slipping, drifting or drift from targeted vehicle paths. Accepted.

After testing they actually saw that the leaves were slippery like snow in some situations.

"It was really fun to experiment, but the findings are very serious."

Ford Europe's development engineer Eddie Custal said.

"Most people run slowly and more carefully when they are on ice roads. Very little, we take into account that it is necessary to be careful when the leaves are on the roads, because it can be slippery like snowy."

Spolzkost is measured in units named μ. The surface is more greasy, the number is less. In testing, the most slippery leaves reached a degree of between 0.3 and 0.4 μ. Interestingly, the same degree of μ was also measured on the snowy surface.

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