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Honor Introduces Regulations – IT, Cloud, Computer News and Information Technology – Introduces Honor Vision – C21

[Dongguan, Kitajska, 12. avgusta 2019] Leading smartphone brand, ON NONOR, unveiled the HONOR Vision Series at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) on Saturday. This is the beginning of a new era in the future of television, as the device is the first smart TV to incorporate ON Sharp's "Sharp Tech" innovations. Honor Vision comes with Huawei's three system chip sets – a clever Honghui 818 chip set, an AI NPU camera and a leading Wi-Fi chip set. There is also the Honor Vision
The first smart device to display with HarmonyOS.

"Honor Vision is not just television, as we know it. It defines the future of television with HONOR's "Sharp Tech" innovations. Honor Vision will play an important role in the future of smart family life. This is not only a home entertainment center, but also an information sharing center, control management center and multi-device interaction center. "HONOR President George Zhao (cover photo) said

The world's first smart screen featuring Huawei's Harmonios
At the conference, Huawei also introduced HarmonyOS, a new, micro-core operating operating system designed to provide a consistent user experience across devices and user views. HarmonyOS optimization will be optimized and installed gradually on brand smart devices including smartwatches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems and smart speakers. HarmonyOS will be available worldwide as an open source platform.

In an age where users are constantly demanding a fully intelligent experience across all devices, it is important to have a operating system with advanced capabilities for multiple platforms. The president of Huawei Consumer Busines Group, Richard Yu, claims that Huawei's HarmonyOS operating operating system supports a consistently low-latency and high-security experience for user views across many devices and platforms. Among the smart devices featured at the conference is Honor Vision – the first
Smart TV equipped with Harmonios operating operating system.

Three synchronized chips: Hong Kong 818 Intelligent Chip Set, NPU AI Camera Marrow, and Wi-Fi leading chipset
Honor Vision combines many innovative technologies to provide users with an intelligent smart screen experience. Hangzhou 818 Intelligent Chip Set: Like the latest SoC intelligent display available worldwide, "Honghu 818" has a magical image processing engine. Equipped with seven advanced imaging techniques, including motion estimation and motion compensation (MEMC), high dynamic imaging (HDR), super resolution (SR), noise reduction (NR).
An intelligent chip set of Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DCI), Color Tow Color Management (ACM), and Local Dimming (LD), the HongHu 818 improves and optimizes image resolution, contrast and color performance with multiple mathematical rules. The octa-core processor can handle large image processing on a large screen and perform multiple tasks at once. MEMC is also capable of sending high resolution images, optimal sound quality and long distance voice interaction. CPU bandwidth utility
The width of the processor is 50% higher than the average for others.

NPU AI Camera: Another feature of Sharp Tech is a smart pop-up AI camera, equipped with a special HiSilicon H3516 DV300 SPN chip set. Provides AI capabilities including face recognition, body tracking and posture detection. Pop-up camera design provides a smart and safe user experience. When mounted on a wall, it scrolls down to 10 degrees and automatically hides behind the screen when not in use.

Leading WI-FI Chipset System: H Nor Vision has come with Silicon H1103's flagship Wi-Fi system chipset. As the world's first system chipset to support 160 MHz bandwidth of up to 1.7 Gbps, the system chipset is 1.7 times faster than the industry average for smoother, more stable video playback, especially video with 4K HD. It also supports 2.4G / 5GHz dual frequency optimization. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Provides strong Wi-Fi signal and widespread access, 5 GHz Wi-Fi enables faster, internet speed and less network backlogs, offering optimized optimized connectivity across environments.

Honor Vision: Transforming the Future of Television
Honor Vision will play a more crucial role in a smart home. Beyond the home entertainment center, ON Near Vision also serves as an information exchange center, control center and multi-device interaction center.

Home Entertainment Center: Hanover Vision offers an exceptional audio deo and video experience, with a Huawei video content library and various platforms, making it a one stop shop for TV series, various shows, movies, music, animations and more.

Information Sharing Center: ON comes with the Vision Intelligent Display Family Note feature, which allows users to transfer 600m images between smartphones and TVs through Huawei Share in 100 seconds – 100 times faster than Bluetooth.

Center for Control and Management: Huawei and ONORO, an open smart home ecosystem, are committed to establishing HiLink. Access to other smart home providers in the platform and technology industry can be accessed, allowing users to connect their smart home products together.

Multi-Device Interaction Center: ON Near Vision Intelligent Display uses the HONOR Magic-Links feature, which allows users to use a smartphone or tablet to search for programs, adjust settings and more. It allows users to upload content written on that smartphone or tablet to the ON Vision screen. With this feature, users can connect or project content without downloading the app to their smartphone or smartphone, but
They just tap to activate NFCA and enjoy 1080p HDR content. With very little delay of 100 ms, users can connect devices to HONOR Vision in two seconds. Users can also jump between Miracast mode and DLNA while watching videos, browsing images, and playing.

Superb design for premium displays
Both OR Nor Vision versions have a 55 inch 4K HDR display. Thanks to the full-view screen, users can enjoy up to 94% of screen-to-case ratios. The smart display features a 6.9mm full metal frame and diamond back, supporting intelligent breathing lights and TÜV Rainland Eye Comfort mode. ON NOR VISION Series includes standard 2GB + 16GB and Pro 2GBP + 32GB for RMB 3,799 (approx. $ 477) and RMB 4,799 (approx. $ 600).



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