Sunday , March 26 2023

In Lubliana, the first Slovenian Scientific and Scientific Conference on Radiology International Day


In the framework of the consultation, eight-dimensional categories will be subjected to a variety of diagnoses and heart examinations, and stimulate the myths about radiation use. Radiology, Radiological Technology, Medical Physics and Ministry of Health.

Radiology and Radiological Technological International Day is celebrated to establish close association with radiologists, radiologists and medical experts. According to organizers, these three expert groups also enjoy safe and high quality diagnostic imaging in the Slovenia region.

We think jointly on November 8 about the importance of prevention and treatment of public opinion, the importance of radiological treatment and the involvement of the individual profile of this work.

Association of Radiological Engineers of Slovenia, Radiology Association of Slovenia, Radiology Association of Slovenia, Radiology Clinical University University of Lubrication and Student Council Council Student Council are conducting the science and scientific conference.

The consultation will be held on Thursday 18th of 18th at the Laplanyan Medicine Faculty at the Faculty of Medicine.

Discusses the yearly communications of the Radiology and Radiological Technology International Day in association with the European Radiological Association and their partners.

The European and American Professional Organization of Radiology and Radiological Technology has been ranked sixth this year by World Rotomedia International Day.

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