According to the dispatch instructions, these are "small improvements", tolls on individual sections divided into two or two. In the meantime, for the first class of vehicles, the prices for the Ucca tunnel also did not increase in most shorter sections.

Drivers have to pay 46 kuna for driving from Umaga to Pula, which is only six euro and 57 kuna or about eight euro between the Ukaka and the bridge tunnels. There are 71 kun tolls from Umaga to Uka Tunnel, which is less than 10 Euros.

Director of Bin-Istra Christian Santa Claus Croatian media told that the new year's growth was primarily the result of the main investment cycle. Toll revenue is the prerequisite for the increase, investment and the completion of the motorway, in which the second tube of the Ucca tunnel and the motorbike is included in the Highway, Santalese's statement quoted Pula's Daily Glass Estr. On Friday.

Last year, Bina-Estra signed a deal with the Croatian government on the construction of a 28 km motorway between Pazin and Uka Tunnels. It has been imagined that after two years of construction, about six kilometers of Ragovci and Ivola branches will be opened.

The whole work should be completed in three years. Among other things, they have to create 11 universes, 14 underpasses and three overpages. The project is more than 1.2 billion queues (162 million euros).

The second part of the new project of the Christian motorway, including the new UK tunnel tube, is the idea of ​​building a motorway up to Matulji.

The law is also emblematic

Bina-Estra Company, which owns the majority of the French company Buigues, carries 141 km of motorways and expressways. If there are no additional extensions to the compensation, after 2032, without compensation, the entire Austrian ipsilon will be handed over to the Croatian state.

Bina-Estra is informed by the local news portal ITrean .hr In the past five years there has been a systematic increase of 20%. According to the "symbolic" price increase of the year, it is also possible to expect "real" prices to rise.