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Kaspersky Lab began functioning data from Srichs from European users

This week, the malicious and suspicious files shared with the European Union Security Solutions in the European Union are processed at Data Center in Zurich, Switzerland. By the end of 2017, the company took the first step of commitment to set up Infrastructure in the name of Global Transparency Initiative. Kaspersky Lab's decision to reflect the positive credibility reflects this immigration. It also has the opening of the first center, called Transparency based on Surich.

Data processing on two data centers

By changing data processing, it is part of the migration of huge infrastructure. This will help to increase the infrastructure of the company's IT industry. This applies to data security violations and the attack on the distribution network. On the other hand, the reliability of Kaspersky Lab products and services is more relevant. Data from threats received by European Union companies from November 13 will be processed on two data centers. It provides state-of-the-art services in accordance with industry norms to ensure high level of security.

Users are actively determining data to be shared in the Kaspersky lab that automatically contains analytical metadata of suspicious or previously unknown malicious software that provides automated analytical analysis platforms with Kaspersky Lab.

Even though Kaspersky Lab Technologies is a part of the data processed, files are very important. Saving users' information along with security and infrastructure integrity gives priority to the community. So restarting data processing is in the first place. By the end of 2019, this is expected to be implemented in full.

The Transparency Center provides its partners the Kaspersky Lab source code

On November 13, Kaspersky Lab opened the first Transparency Center in Surry. This allows authorized partners to access the company's source code values, program updates, threat detection rules, and other activities. At the Center of Transparency, Kaspersky Labs and Partners provide information on their security solutions and their security, including basic and important technical documents for an external evaluation in their secure environment.

The migration of data processing from other regions and the second stage migration is secondly added to Suri.

According to free data, Switzerland is one of the best locations in the world in terms of number of secure internet servers. At the same time, international reputation has advanced data processing center and high quality information technology.

In the process of information processing in Europe, opening of the first center of transparency, Eugene KasperskyKaspersky Lab Director said: "IT industry, especially in the new cyber-prone transparency and security of the region. Kaspersky lab to stay and we are proud to partner in this process. As a technology company, we focus on the central government to provide the best information and the safety of our products and software facilities Ikkukayan. Sutaryataykkayi of activity and we have to fulfill our promises to our security solutions for the global munkaiykatteate and life. the appearance and ambitions. Vyavasayattinreyum is just the beginning of such measures to the entire security of our company. Prove reliable services, and will soon become the industry standard "

Liv Minder, Switzerland Director of Global Enterprises Investment Promotion, added the basic facilities of Kaspersky Labs in Switzerland: "Switzerland's Kaspersky Labs Transparency Center has become a global center of our innovation and technology with a strong community of online security, providing the most secure technology and innovative digital infrastructure for attracting more technology leaders."

Many initiatives of the Global Initiative for Transaction

Kaspersky Lab has approved four Big Big For Companies to review the engineering practice in manufacturing and distribution of threat detection databases. The Audit aims to be closely linked with the highest standard of safety in the industry. Soil 2 (service and organizational controls) will be evaluated based on the Standard Standard statement for the intervention.

In addition, Kaspersky Lab is helping to improve the security of its products with the help of a community of security workshops across the globe. Within a year, the company resolved to report more than 50 copies received by security researchers.

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