Monday , May 29 2023

Minister dismisses Hryevo, proposes party inspector as chief inspector


Environment and Local Planning Minister Simon Jajac confirmed that he fired Dragica Hrica, chief inspector of environment and local planning. She proposes to replace her party mate from SMC, Dragon Matic.

Yes Thinking about replacing Hry, The minister told us in early August. Today, he confirmed to POPP TV that he had already replaced the Chief Inspector.

Zajsi was dissatisfied with HRI because the inspector did not find any irregularities in the performance of Moravian termites all these years. An inspection last month ordered the company to close the waste treatment plant, following an analysis by the Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARSO). Zajc immediately announced extraordinary restrictions, which should show why there was no irregularities in inspection earlier this year (Moravian Company has been operating since 1998). Termite is reported to have appealed the decision.

Czek proposed to replace Hrica Dragon Matic, Which raises doubts as to whether the inspector's allegedly poor job of controlling termites is the only reason for the minister's desire for change.

Simon Jajek


The rabbit hires an observer: is it a termite or just a party hunger?



Dragon Matic

Photo: STA

Matic is leading the RS archive

Matic is a doctor of historical historical science .He has been the head of the Slovenian Republic of Archives for many years, and from 2014 to 2018 he was a member of the SMC. After his tenure last year, he is again employed by the National Archives. At least according to publicly available information, there is no environmental context or observational work experience.

In 2015, when they finally selected the Chief Inspector and selected Hrica, the ministry stated in a call for professional exam proposals for the inspector. It is unknown whether Matic has this. Hrica is a graduate of the university with a degree in chemical technology Prior to being appointed to the current position, she first worked in economics as a development engineer and as head of quality and laboratory, after which she was an environmental inspector for 15 years, the government wrote in 2016.

It is interesting to note here that in early July, Matic shared an interview with Minister Zajac on social network Facebook, adding that "the good work of Minister Priests gives him a legitimate expectation that we will be able to tackle environmental challenges".

Matic has to be confirmed by the government.

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