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Mosquitoes spread the West Nile virus


The occurrence of Western Nile Virus has been confirmed at least one in all the countries of the Slovenian border in the last six seasons. The maximum number of confirmed patients infected with this virus was found near the Slovenian-Croatian border until 2018 season. Prior to the first confirmation of the West Nile virus, the area of ​​Slovenia was classified with the possibility of the virus due to the natural conditions of the virus's environment, due to life-threatening vector carriers.

In August 2013, the first case of severe infection with the Western Nile virus was confirmed in Slovenia. Last year, four cases of West Nile virus infection were confirmed. One of them was introduced, mostly from Croatia, he explained Eva Grillo From the National Institute of Public Health Other diseases that can spread mosquitoes in Slovenia have not been detected so far.


80% of people are treated completely without signs and symptoms, almost 5 patients may get flu-like illness. Approximately one percent, mainly aged over 50, people with chronic patients and orthopedic immune systems may experience mid-nervous system disorders. There is no vaccine to prevent infection with humans, but vaccines are for horses. Treatment is only in the form of auxiliary therapy that ensures the function of organs or the protection of the brain in case of infection.

Due to the western nerve virus near Slovenia, this year, the state-level vaccine has been raised by a level of preparation. This means that patients who have neurological problems also check this virus and they also monitor all donated blood units. "The disease is not only spread by mosquitoes' tops, but also through the transfusion of infected blood, especially when donors come from countries where there is such an infection," Grilseva explains.

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Protect yourself from the dots

However, he noted that mosquitoes are often worse than actual risks, but it is better to preserve mosquitoes. We can do this with long sleeves and trousers, which are not the most practical solution in the hot summer months. Therefore, we can help the reaction of mosquito bites, and according to the manufacturer's instructions, they need to be used properly, she is referred to as Grilseva.

The presence of mosquitoes can also be limited by the arrangement around the house so that it is possible for mosquitoes and its reproduction as much as possible. We should ensure that shrubs, flowers and shaft straps do not freeze in glasses. With Windows on Windows, we can prevent disappointing insects residences in homes.

Mosquito seasons take us from June to the end of September, even if it is a very hot year, it takes a long time. Grelek said last year was a very severe season in Greece and Croatia. There is no horrible data yet this year, but it is likely to appear.

The West Nile virus was discovered in 1937 in the northwestern northeast of Uganda in West Nile province. This virus adopts various ecosystems and hosts. It was found in 65 different types of mosquitoes, although only a few species of mice from the genus cullex, in which the virus can multiply, are important for the spread of the virus.

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