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New heroes expect characters, wakes and ana baby


In the introduction of the new season of television bestseller Love, she opened her heart eight men and two ladies who are waiting for your letters. This season is an unforgettable end, because the show was joined by Jack Hoffner and its podobnik, which would be happy with the arrival of a baby born soon.

Tanja Postrushnik Coordin She went to Paparinica to check whether Jaka and this really expects a child. Gaspar Hafner Who confirmed that the rumors are true: "I'm uncle. Strong has taken me back."The future Grandma said that the news of pregnancy is a surprise:"It is good that if everyone does not come down we sit."Then the other guests came to the farm of Hafnar, to make a surprise for future parents, we remember Lubaben P.O. Domaisi well.

Gaspar: "I will be an uncle, a strong man will take me back."Photo: POP TV

New season's heroes are waiting for addresses at your address: Love After Home, p. 777, Lubblazana.

Before that, we met the first heroes of the new season. 36 year old Due to bribery, The owner of a tourist farm and the beekeeper, does not pay attention to the performance of the girls regardless of their years. He has promised to make his life very sweet, but he also wants to share work on agriculture so that he will enjoy his fruit. In my free time I like fishermen, which I want to do for two. Her friends already have children, so she also wished to become a father. Flowers are not enough to make business happy. Damage: "My love is missing, my partner is missing."She is hoping to find her in love at home.

Damjan SalamPhoto: POP TV

51 year old Štefan Pintarič from ZavrčaIs a metallist who works with agriculture in his spare time. Spain: "They say that I am a good winner, romantic, and when I like a girl, I strongly insist on winning."He is also a fisherman, he plays soccer, works in a vineyard or garden, he married and his wife brought from the Dominican Republic."It was a warm love, interesting, many beautiful moments."Because they did not have common interests and goals, their paths were broken, but now they are craving soul mate to build a family. They want to know good-natured candidates, they do not like envy.

Thephen PinentiqPhoto: POP TV

Meanwhile Ana and Jaka were preparing for the baby's arrival. Even though the rural hero is struggling to breathe and pull out exercises, he himself says, it is as bright as a pinocchio. Strong: "I am more for fairies, not for yoga."He praised and encouraged him for his accompanying exercises and courses:"That's great."Strong:"I love her and I, of course, will ever do such a thing for her"He said that one year ago he did not even believe that he would see himself in this role.

Preparing for Jaka and the first born arrivalsPhoto: POP TV

68 years old Zagrecak Matka Ššenik He has been retired for many years, but he still acts as an accountant and is very active in his home and gardening regulation. He has very much power and does not know the bad desire, he has many friends and he likes to travel too much. She has been married for 45 years, has two children who are already married, and four grandchildren. Her husband was the only man in her life, but she is convinced that she will find one right: "I know that some people live in my dreams and eventually they will feel mutual love."He likes to talk to people who like to go on a romantic trip, but he should not be small and bald, he is ready to go ahead on the altar." Mecca laughs: "Not just now, because I'm rarely managed to save."

Mattha ŠšenikPhoto: POP TV

50 years old Well, Jacqueline Kale She has already experienced many things in her life and now she is not afraid. She has been married for 25 years and has two children. She was disturbed by a shortage of law initiatives. 4 years already alone. She participated in the Croatian version of love, but she could not find the one she wanted. She works as a waitress and likes to know new people, otherwise she does gymnastics, baking and cleaning. She does not represent life on the farm, but if she falls in love, she can also go to the country. She wants a serious relationship with a defined man. Jacqueline: "If you get me, you can find one million, many beautiful things that I can not talk about now."

Jacqueline KalePhoto: POP TV

52 years old Jane's Križnar from Tržič She is a farm but she is alone. They want their children to make their life meaningful, and despite the plenty of work, it will take time for love. It is important that parents have what they have in girls. He was in a relationship and got married, but he did not come out of jealousy, which he does not want to experience anymore. She wants to share good things with her partner and wants to overcome the difficult trial. Not ready to move, he expects his chosen person to be in his native country. Thani said that he was a reliable, functional, serious, loyal and humble.

Jane's CrisnerPhoto: POP TV

47 years old Jane's Marn with Minne The factory has a maintenance worker and it is a farm with which he lives. He liked to sing, he is happy and full of energy, he goes to hang out with people and go for fun. Janesz: "But when I'm going home, I'm still alone.She wants to talk and find a girl with bad and good moments, she has been in touch for six years, but she does not know the answer to why she left the partner. She is a romantic soul who looks after the girl like her girlfriend She wants to understand women laughing, smiling and playing positively.

Jane's MarnPhoto: POP TV

43 year old Jane's Reignic of the Holy Trinity The company wants on its own engine. Their passion is also agricultural machinery, which shortens the agricultural work so that they get enough time for fun. She wants to meet a cheerful, laughing, playful girl together. There are no other, special requests. He is humble, he is a cheerleader among friends, he always keeps good-humor and laughing.

Jane's ReignerPhoto: POP TV

35 years old Matej Šuštarič from Lipovak near Semič Working in a car factory, and having a small farm at home. He is a member of the Village Youth Semic Association, he is smiling and happy, so people enjoy their company. Girls are romantic, I want to be amazed. It is released when nature runs, which I like, with a chosen person. Ideally: "It would have been better if there were any children. "

According to ŠuštaričPhoto: POP TV

60 years old Junk from Frank Durker It's a small farm. She has retired but she is active to maintain health. In his youth, he did not create a family, he thinks he was inadequate. He was a friend who died unfortunately, which makes it even more difficult today. Frank: "Samota killed."He believes in love and does not lose hope that he will live to be open again twice, but before that women will know better, there is nothing in his chosen people, they will be open to him.

Frank JarkPhoto: POP TV

Prior to meeting the last hero, guests of Hafner Farm were surprised by the prospective parents of a new born party. Ana gave no hope to such a wonderful surprise, and Jaka joked:This is better than breathing exercises."

We can not even imagine the end of the season …Photo: POP TV

It is also likely to be toast for 26-year-olds David Powder of GrossplatzWho will see the love of life in the show. She is a working boy, she runs every job, I want to work with different sports. She does not have her farm, but she wants to meet a girlfriend to build a common house in the city or countryside, because she loves animals, especially horses. She had many girls, six months ago she had endured her relationship for a long time, but now she is ready for a new start and wants to make a family. She loves girls, athletes and blondes. Intelligence is also important for them because they like to talk about various things and to make healthy life. These girls adore the princesses and prefer to pay attention to them.

David WickerPhoto: POP TV

See all the missed shows, including the presentation of the Home of Love for New Season Sound.New season heroes are waiting for the address at your address: Love for Home, p. 777, Lubblazana.

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