Friday , January 15 2021

Red Devil's Disorder on Norwegian Drive: Will Solskjer become a more permanent solution?

Manchester United players have pushed their rivals in the last five games with devastating power. The new (temporary) red trainer Ole Gunner Solskajer enjoys the ever-increasing confidence of the most important islanders, who ensures 45-year-old Norwegian expert is the head coach.

In the last five games, Manchester United have won the title of 'Clip' by Cardiff (5-1), Hudersfield (3-1), Bournemouth (4-1), Newcastle (2-0) and the last FA Cup. has been done. Reading (2: 0).

However, these rivals, & # 39; Newcastle & # 39; Other than the team, the doubts can not arise, the team's achievements, which have recently been very difficult to play against similar quality teams and even worse than that, are envious of the result of the new strategy, otherwise the club legends Ole Gunner Solskær. The 45-year-old Norwegian is sitting on the hot coat of Red Devils, so some of the big stars in the team have achieved their full potential and have finally started showing their full potential. For example, the Golden French Team Binder Paul Pongba, Who was with the former coach Jose Mourinho At the foot of the battle, and now, during the festivities of his or her friends' hits, they all work for salute and thus show the visible signs of satisfaction.

Norwegian expert Ole Gunner Solskáz has now more than supported Manchester United's leadership confidence after winning five consecutive wins with the Old Trafford team.Photo: AP

The legendary Shearer is not in doubt
Manchester United's Premier League title is still high, but in fourth place it still moves ahead in the group's Champions League, when Manchester United is more than six points. Otherwise, the decisive footballers on the island show more sympathy for the new Red Devils trainer every day, and properly ask that the club's executive director Ed Woodward In the case of continued positive outlook, he had to face the (expected) scenario and offered a long-term cooperation agreement to Solaskiara.

When Newcastle Ole Garner Solskjr asked for a fourth consecutive victory, did he ask the UK after the season? Will leave and Molde returned, he answered clearly and louder: "I want to stay on the bench of Manchester United."

Former Top Stryker & # 39; Srikkanth & # 39; And the type of English football selected Alan ShearerAn interesting view of the continuation of the Red Devils season and the potential scenario will be to continue their coaching mission on the island of Solskæjs. "Before Manchester United, under the guidance of the new coach, there are more important and more consistent and more demanding matches, which, according to my opinion, deserve the right opportunity. Despite the extraordinary looks of the Old Trafford team in the last few bills, on the other hand I fear that the Red Devils How to work in the defensive part of the game.Solsks have a lot of room for progress with the team, but by the end of the season Ole (Gunnar solaskajera, s. E.) What if he wins another laurel, then the club will respond to leadership, "Have been surprised about the legendary Shearer.

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