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Ryo Kobajaši to win the crown and golden eagle

The 67th New Year Tour winner is Rio Kobajashi of Japan, who also celebrated at Biscophosfen and completed the tour with victory, which he was successful in the third place in history. Kobayashi is Kazujius Fanaki, which is in Japan with the total victory of the tour. Sloveneen was disappointed in his troubles, only 20th place Aze Samenik came.

The 67th tour of the four hikers ended and the great hero is the best jumper of this winter Ryo Kobayashi. In all four of Japan's tournaments and then win Sven Henawald In Camley Stochu He decided to win the competition with the poker winner.

The 22-year-old Jumper, from the rising Sun's land, finished fourth in the first round with four points behind Eisenhower but in the final, he proved that this moment is the best in racing caravans. With a 137.5 meter long jump, he threw the opponent off the opponent and Stefan Craft rose by about 15 points in the second place.

Stefan Lea, surprisingly at Bischofschofen's third position, jumped on the winning stage with 11th in the first series. Eisenbichler took fourth place and would still have to wait for the Premiere World Cup.

Won the other Japanese tour

Rio Kobajakki became only second Japanese with a total victory of the new year's tour. This was done by Kazuhoshi Fanaki in the 1997/98 season earlier.

He ended his tour with Zakz 20, the tremendous advantage

Tour's Cobajasi defeated Egan Bichler by 62.1 points, and Leah took the third place. Zajek reached the final 20th, the seminar took place 28th.

After the problems with the tools without finishing the remaining points only seedlings

Four Lolinos defeated the race by qualifiers early on, after which there was no reason for satisfaction after the first series. Take it Анже Семенич He scored in the finals with a jump of 122 meters. His performance was enough in the 27th position. In the final, he jumped 126 meters and went 20 places.

Two Slovenianos had problems with the tools. Ana Lanicque Due to small delay problems, landed at speeds of 112 meters and completed to 39.

Timi Zazek had problems with his zip on the snake and left without end. With this, the hopes of the ten ended in the amount of travel.

Timi Zazek had problems with his zip on the snake and left without end. With this, the hopes of the ten ended in the amount of travel.
Photo: Reuters

The equipment also became the smallest and best Slovenian in this tour Timmy Zaz. He went back a bit longer than forecast, because he had problems with the sleeve zipper. The 18-year-old then just landed at 114 meters and wanted to end in a total tour by ten, it was finished, he remained without the final 43rd.

He broke it completely Junk. He finished 103 meters in the last 50

Biscofopsfan, a game

Biscofopsfan, a game, the first series

Egenbebler qualifications for the match of four Slovenian people

Qualifications found the best of six Slovenianians Timi JajakWho is on the road to becoming eligible for Top Ten The 18-year-old 131 meter jump jumped to the 16th position. Анже Семенич She landed at number 31 with a 12 meter long jump. Ana Lanicque (120 meters) and Junk (119.5 m) were 41 and 42 respectively.

Bore Pavlovčič (112 meters), the match lost 0 points to 52 points Nejc Dejman With 110.5 meters it was 54 m.

The qualification on the tour was in second place Marcus Eisenbechler, Rio Kobayashi The third was.

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