Saturday , June 10 2023

Samsung introduces the phone


South Korean smartphone maker Samsung unveiled a prototype on a smartphone a few days ago at a development conference in San Francisco. Despite the expectation of the presentation of a very simple smartphone, it's expected to be based on the technology itself.

Samsung's prototype, 5000 developers software and partner companies, can be seen in a small screen of 11.6 cm wide. However, the show's main exhibit is 18.5 centimeters.

In the restored state, the device can be used as a normal smartphone. When the user opens it, the application that uses the application moves to a larger screen called Infinity Flexes. Of course, more details on the small screen will appear on the screen more screen. It's not just for photos and videos for games, but for example. For news apps that display more messages.

Even better: As Samsung's messages say, all three apps can be used simultaneously. To make it more convenient, a UI interface should be entered in a new way. In addition, Google announced that it will support phone phones for the future version of its operating system.

How To See The New Smartphone Samsung presented the Prototype in the development conference. So nothing could be seen to replace the screen. Additionally, it does not know when the new smartphone is on the market.

Sale start should not be too far away. Samsung Infinity Flux's mass production will be launched in the next few months. Analysts are expected to expect the first Samsung hands-free smartphone in 2019.

The next generation of Infinity Flux is on the next generation, taking part in cultural programs. If their applications are not appropriate, they will be a blank device without a virtual phone.

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