Tuesday , February 7 2023

Slovenia will never be the second, but always the first Slovenia


Calls that we should be of our own country and appreciate it more, the red thread of today's meeting was under the powerful najvasako lip on the Koroscam of Srano, where Prime Minister Margan Sarek was the founder of the speech. He emphasized that politicians come and go, but the state lives. The day under the lip passes through the status of Slovenia and the future.

Addressing nearly 300 people in a meeting under the mighty Lepo, Saraq highlighted the importance of each individual's own activity for the progress or improvement of the situation, and especially in the state institutions, suggested people's responsibilities in different situations.

Seat under Njeweska Lippo in Črna na Koroškem.Photo: Nabojasasakya, STA

The Prime Minister is sure that we have a future, but the stock is true, that in recent years many opportunities have missed and it will need to work hard. Specifically, in its words, state institutions need to establish more orders and responsibilities.

Slovenez and Slovenian were always working nations, who had to struggle for long to stand up."And so today, when we have our own country, it can be more unknowable, but we hear a lot of jam every day" Sharek said that the comparison with Switzerland is reluctant to hear. Anyone who has traveled around the world knows that the world is not perfect, he said.

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According to the linden tree, which is the mayor of the coconut municipality of Neecha Romain Lesjac The Prime Minister of Slovenia said that we should not lose good ideas from start to finish, optimism, less futility and above all. Looking at the meeting of the State of Slovenia as a symbol of Najwa Ses Lepo, the Prime Minister said that people and projects are given opportunity and their time is not fast results.

"Slovenia will never be the second Switzerland, but will always be the first Slovenian", but one of the forest economics's thinkers, Slovensk Gredek Silva Pritznikica, Which reflects the status of Slovenia in comparison to Switzerland, which was the central representation of today's 29th meeting under Najas Lukko. Many people believed that brilliant examples in Slovenia, they offer, and it is necessary to see what made economic and other progress.

"Let's not compare, but try to improve what's bad,"The participants encouraged Lesjack, who believes that giving weight to Slovenia is the work of everyone and that patriotism is what connects us more. "Appreciate it for the complimentary character, but in the criticism I want to turn it into a chance once" The former Ombudsman said, in other matters, on reflection Vlasta Nussdorfer.

Due to the absence of politicians, some representatives of political and economic life also called a meeting of politicians with citizens over the years, but had been named as a whole Slovenian meeting over the years. In other matters, finance minister Ernest BurtonSellage, State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Nina Mohler, Both Carinthian deputies Jose LennartIn Wisdom, Some of the main Carinthian companies and some Carinthian Meyers directors.

In the cultural event, visitors sang the song Lipa Zelenela, which sang by Poklon Slovenia Mankaja Izmajlova. Forests and Montenegroan Mayor estimates that Najveska Lipa remained stable in the air despite injuries last year, it is in good condition and elastic, and she will organize a lot of meetings.

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