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Solkava municipality still has a unresolved status regarding the collection of Loggerska Dolina's admission fee

25. New 2018 6:00

The municipality of Sokakawa, which the audit court gave a negative opinion, because on legal basis, without reimbursing municipal fees for access to the Loginska Dolly Landscape Park, the country has not yet been able to control the relationships capable of controlling this relationship. The Environment Ministry explains that this matter should be widely regulated.

The audit court gave a negative opinion to the municipality of Sołkova in 2015. At that time, on the basis of the finished concession agreement, Loggerska was collected by the municipal fee company Logarska Dolina for entry and visit to Dolina Landscape Park, however, it was a municipality, because it did not fulfill the obligations of the contract from the concession agreement cancel the concession agreement in December 2015 Done

The relief ratio is closed after the one-year notice period has expired, so that tax is collected by the municipal utility since 2017, but legal support for such a collection of fees, entry fees are not yet regulated.

The municipality needs to establish a relationship with the state as soon as possible, because Loggerska Dolina is defined as the natural value of national importance. According to the Nature Conservation Act, municipality started a contract for the protection of the national values ​​of national importance to the Ministry of Environment and Space Planning.

"After reviewing this matter, we have decided in the ministry of environment and space ministry that this matter should be widely regulated, that is, to prepare appropriate appropriate insurance act, and on the basis of it, to agree on management," to the STA Ministry . Therefore, they agreed with the Republican Organization of Slovenia for nature conservation to develop Logarska Dolly's specialist foundation for research on the insurance law. This new law will also regulate the management of the landscape park.

According to the Ministry's explanation, the Nature Conservation Organization will prepare specialist support by spring next year. After that, activities will be initiated to prepare a new law on Logar Valley's insurance, in which the Nature Conservation Act, which is the process of public consultation and all the processes suggested by intergovernmental integration.

Županja Solčava Katarina Prelesnik hopes that relationships will be settled as soon as possible, because the municipal directorate continues with the collection of admission fees, according to Mayer, Loggerska returns to Dolina. Who pointed out to STA, the audit court had not banned him from collecting the fees, however, he wants to organize this matter as soon as possible.

The municipal director collects admission fee in Dolgers Lake Dolphin Park on April 15 by the end of October. This year, the admission fee was less than 153,000 euros, which is explained by Prylenikova, which is more than 3,000 euros in 2017.

According to the municipality estimates, the visit of the Logger Valley has increased, and about 100,000 people visit the valley every year. In the municipality, they also want more visitors who will use bicycles and electric vehicles for transportation, or they go to the Lugurska Dolina on foot.

In winter, they do not collect entry fees, although visitors at that time also register in the valley. Among other things, Loggerska Dolina has a circular cross-country ski trail, for which Snowmaking has been modernized this year.

If the weather permits, the roads can be arranged for a length of 20 kilometers, explained Prylenicova, and announced that on January 6, with the Saloca Sports Association, they will organize a match for the Slovenian Marathon Cup. They hope that they will succeed because they have persistent problems with broken trees in recent years because of frequent misunderstandings.

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