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Soubeta mayor of Morsa, a candidate in the Earth Geology and Fasanjeja


Local Elections 2018 – Mursa Sobatha

The Pomeruje Museum is located in the Mursa Sabotte Castle, which has been preserved as an ancient cultural monument. Photo: Bobo

Alexander Jevsky is the SD candidate. Photo: MMC RTV S

The FIG. The FIG. The FIG. Photo: MMC RTV S

Local Elections 2018 – Mursa Sobatha

In the Second Program of Telvition Slovene, there was a clash between candidates from Morsa Sabotte Mayor Alexander Jvescu (SD) and Bose Piteran (SDS). Who made Murskosobočane more convincing?

In the introduction to the journalist's question, Jessac is difficult to become a criminal or mayor, "The mayor only guilty of guilty". When asked whether he would like them both at the same time, he replied: "That will not go."

PJ George said that only two candidates for the mayor of Morsa Sobota are present at this time. He said that he was happy when he was an SDS candidate. "This will keep us in the future to overcome these differences," He said.

Is the ground water heating?
Why did not we use this source? "We have about ten people in the world about this possibility, we should take this opportunity, we've silenced the politician politician and the movement will tell us that this is not our future" Perinjun replied.

Jvescu suggested that Petrine had spoken much theoretically and that he would give an example from that style. "The ground water should be taken from different sides, such as heat, but when citizens and citizens are safe, when they serve only energy companies" Jvescus pointed out the danger of heating this sort of heat. "In the 55 square meter home, Lindawas has spent € 408 a year on the heating heating, in the same apartment in Mursa Sobota we heat up 366 euros a year, He shot a specific information.

The skeleton from the municipal cabinet
Mr. JvesekWhen you announced the appointment, you announced and would announce the going through the past 10 years. Then you did not do it, but did you know you know?
Because of its inability to join a petrol company, the "skeleton" was quickly described as a million euros. The other is 150,000 euros. It will change a private company and bring it to a tourist school. "We have not done anything from Sobhakanci, but the next thing is an illegal adviser to the money of a 100% owned communal enterprise, an adviser on Periyan background, He added.

Petersen quickly refused to tell Jveski that he was "counseling".

Mr. PetrijanYour party's city rule was very critical. What do you change first when you first select it?
"The loss of 600,000 euros lost in the last power lost money, the money went to existing expenditure and the six new employees came up" He said that the municipality spends development money for the wrong purpose. "This tree is in the wrong way" It was beautiful.

Last year, the municipality paid $ 13 million for development funds. "This is low," He said.

Tourist infrastructure
An expansion in Milan Expo 2015 is now on the outskirts of Morsa Sobota. According to the treasurer, it is an investment that is invested in advance and requires rehabilitation as it will cause a loss.

Jessie said "Slovenia's boon in Slovene pride stands proud in Slovenia today". When he told his words, when the Americans left for space, Kennedy did not do that because it would be easier and easier. "Stories from the average will bring this field to a better way." He added.

"Look at the tower in Lenvaa, then we give you the content and income of the towers now that we are worth something much expensive and that's not ours, He pointed to another example of tourism infrastructure.

City stadium Fazenjeja
"When I started the Mayor's order, we would have set up a stadium with the basic facilities, you would be nude pictures and we finished our job, Murra is the third, And he answered and said unto him.

"It was necessary to reflect, but we borrowed 500,000 euros again and drowned the municipality over and over again and until someone was able to solve it" "Said Poninjan, who used a stadium for sports tourism and attracted fresh investment.

Jabezan shouted that Mursania in Savoya was the lowest debtor in Slovenia. Investments in collaboration with the Football Federation of Slovenia (NHS)

The studio faced Cyrill Sever Inside Bohan Pecheck.

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