Regulatory motor fuel prices will change on Tuesday. According to a post on the Department of Commerce's website, over the next 14 days, a liter of unleaded 95-t quan gasoline will have to be cut by less than $ 1.30 again.

Unleaded – Octane gasoline will drop 9.9 cents per liter to 29 પર liters at service stations outside highways and expressways, while diesel prices will drop by 5 cents to 1.877 euros.

Petroleum traders set prices on 100-octane gasoline and fuel oil and 95-octane gasoline and diesel at service stations along the highways and expressways. Elsewhere in the country, the prices of 95-t cotton gasoline and diesel are regulated.

According to a mechanism based on the movement of prices of petroleum products in the world market and the movement of the dollar-euro exchange rate, they are determined every 14 days according to the regulation of the prices of some petroleum products. The biocomponent is also taken into account when calculating the cost of the model.