Friday , January 27 2023

The AMD server continues to arrive


Last year, when AMD was waking up with AMD processors, we forgot that we were very happy with the x86 processors server. This year, the revival continues-with the new generation of EPYC on the basis of Sen 2 architecture.

The new AMD EPYC processors (of course, the development of the ROM), 64 nen 2 cores, will be built into 7 nm technology, and communicate with the world using a 14 nm I / O module by measuring data centers. The new EPYC will have the first PCIe 4.0 support (support for 128 communication bands!), Which will enable faster communications such as the Radin Instantent MI60 (7 nm speed graphics chip). 8-channel communication with DDR4 memory will be supported up to 4 TB per slot.

It's fun that AMD does not introduce a new footer with the new processor, which is now quite clear. The new EMC will be well on the old quarter, and new EPYCs (Milan Development Name) will be available with the X3 architecture.

Test developers are now developing developers, and practically, the new processor looks somewhere in 2019.

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