Saturday , January 16 2021

The average housing cost in Manhattan has dropped below $ 1 million

From New York, they report a very special shopping option. US According to a report by Real Estate Agency Douglas Eliman, for the first time in Manhattan, the average price of the Manhattan apartment in the last three years fell below $ 10 million compared to the last quarter of the year ($ 877,000).

The average apartment price in the city's most prestigious part, which never sleeps, dropped by 5.7 percent to $ 999,000 (more than 876,000 euros), newspaper report Financial Times.

The first man of real estate agency Steven James There are reasons to see the decrease in China and Russia's number of customers. Thus, in Manhattan, there are more and more homes in the market and there are fewer customers who can go deeper in their pockets.

At the end of the year, the number of apartments sold went down by more than 3% in the year 2017, whereas the number of available nests increased by more than 12%.

Another reason for the decline in prices in the real estate market in other New York areas is attractive offers. It's a square in Brooklyn "Continue to be strong", And Queens "Huge Potential", James said.

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