Saturday , June 10 2023

The banks merging the CCP boards are weakening the bank


The Commission for Prevention of Corruption (CCP) is the process of merging into a non-transparent bank to Probank, Factor Banks, Bank of Recycling Management (DUTB) or Poor bank (formerly liquidated). Previously, an analysis of the results of supervised liquidation to comply with a simple merger, however, allows simplified merger DUTB to ignore certain legitimate articles. "The commission pointed out that the DUTB's opinion on termination of the factory operations of Bank of Slovenia, Finance Ministry, Factor Boba and Probanka has been reduced in three years.

Shifting Balu is dangerous

The decision of the supervised liquidation and subsequent layer was adopted during the Allen Bratislava government. During Mirage The second point of the CPP report has been said. Naturally, the former government did not agree with their evaluation, with its opinions and opinions on the Bank of Slovenia argued that a merger is inevitable.

Dupleb has dismissed reports from the CCP with similar arguments similar to the government. Especially interesting thing. Imre's blagAt the time of acquisition of the executive director DUTB, the President is the President of the Extraordinary Administration of the President. "The chief executive officer of DUTB, the chief executive officer of the Duty, has been appointed to the office where he is still serving in that office," the former chairman of the Protection Extraordinary Administration (appointed as Bank of Slovenia) Imath Bölg DUTB was the first non-executive director. Wrote in the CCP. Consequently, he did not accept the explanation of the merger process. Balu did not react to this complaint in today's CCP.

Unclear employees' procedures

Activities and procedures in the Chief Bank were analyzed from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2017. In addition, the executive and non-executive directors found that all the procedures for recruiting a single management system (single-tier system) were not transparent.

The CBP has found that no standard has been established that Staff Selection Committee is the closest circle of candidates for the Executive Director of DTB. There are no cases of the candidates, the final appointment process does not accurately determine. "On the basis of which criteria the question of whether or not the most appropriate candidate for the DUTB management is questioned is based on the responsibility of the CPC," the CCP emphasizes.

The appointment of non-executive directors (for example, financial directors, as well as some other key officials) and the CCP's decision is the same. Legal definition, nomination of candidates, and individual ministries and suggestions in proposals suggested by their nominees … Because the Scopto is defined by individual procedures, the former director of the CPP Tornbrown Mansoon Unlawfully resolved. The CCP proposes to set the necessary criteria for selecting candidates. This will soon improve the mainstream, form a competitive panel, and the CV, who has been nominated for a transparent procedure, is not good enough.

However, in the first 17 months of creating a bad bank, CCB has applied for DUTB to reduce employee recruitment. This gave more than € 7.5 million for foreign services, and employee benefits were given.

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