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  • A few hours before the end of the Order Book was announced by Bloomberg, at the lowest price

If SDAD receives 75% of the bank, the minus share of a valuue will be available at 51 euros. The revenue from state treasury will be € 772.5 million. Photo: Bobo

We look forward to opportunities and challenges to bring the company to the list of stock exchanges. At this point, we would like to thank all applicants for this appropriate and appropriate collaboration.

The first man of the NLB is the BLACK BROADJACK

According to unofficial information, the order book is full, at the lowest price

November 9, 2018 at 08:03,
Last Intervention: November 9, 2018, 17:27

The price of NLB in the IPO process is € 51.50, ie the lower limit of price is 51.50 and EUR 66. The government sells 59.9 per cent stake in the process. When it comes to 609 million Euros, the NLB and SDH.

In the first public distribution system of shares, the market capitalization or market value of NLB at the start of the list of London stock exchanges reached $ 1.03 billion on November 14. If SDH buys a 75 per cent stake in the bank, the actual Treasury will be € 772.5 million, as originally intended, at 51 Euros.

Slovenia State Holding Company (SDH) added additional amounts and 1,181,819 nlb shares. If the option of recurrence is fully implemented, the country's money will be represented by $ 669.5 million (65% of share capital of NBB).

Repetition is an option stabilization mechanism. When asked about this, major international investors who wanted to buy shares in the bank asked for. Stabilization Organizer, Citigroup & Wood & Company will retain a portion of the stocks, and within 30 days of listing shares on the stock exchange, they may end the transaction to maintain the price stability.

Who purchased stocks?
According to unofficial information Radio Slovenia 7.6 Pre-Branded Investment Partners, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Bank of India's 6.3% stake. Small investors had tens of thousands of banks, but they only bought only two percent or 30 million euros.

The bank does not sell 75 per cent stake. Because the European Commission itself is less than a share, the rest of the stock exchange, next year, all control measures against the bank, Radio Slovenia Urza Gereb reported, they are left. This year, NLC would be allowed to pay 14 branches in Slovenia. Steps to privatize profitable subsidiary insurance companies will begin soon. But this will not allow for international projects.

Lydia Glavina is pleased with the reaction of investors
On November 14, shares will start on LubriJuna and London Stock Exchanges. So far, such investors have time to pay their stocks. "Let us boast of offering today's NLB shares. The European Commission is implementing an important milestone in the process of privatization. A positive response and acknowledgment of global institutional investors has welcomed us, we are waiting for new shareholders in the share regiment,"Wrote SDH board president Lydia Glivea.

NLB's first man Blast Broadway But this process is a success. "We look forward to opportunities and challenges to make a list of the company's stock exchanges, and at this point we thank all partners for the most active and active cooperation in the process of this challenge., He added.

Brass welcomed the deal
They responded to sell in Brussels. European Commissioner (EC) Riccardo cardoso The Slovenian authorities welcomed the fact that their commitment was being implemented. The Commission has decided to approve NLB government support in August this year.

Government without comment
From time to time, the Government summoned NLB. The shares are not responding to the public offer announced. At Premier Office Merjan Sarac She wrote that they are in the SDK jurisdiction and that's why the Prime Minister does not react on this. There is no point in the finance ministry.

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