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The young man from Slovenia faces many challenges but is satisfied with life

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Earlier this year Is According to the Republic of Statistical Office fees in Slovenia, there were 309,000 young people aged 15 to 29 in Slovenia. Among them Is 161,000 young people were employed, out of which Is Worked at 104,000 companies or institutions, and 31,000 worked through student services. In employed youth Is Cent 46 percent of people have fixed term work and percent percent of permanent people have permanent employment. The composition of all employees, regardless of their age, Is Quite different, with only 16 percent of the workforce Is % 84% of permanent employees are employed on a regular basis.

In the youth Is The unemployment rate at the beginning of the year, there were 16,000 unemployed Is That was nine percent and thus about four percent higher than the overall unemployment rate. Unemployment among the youth is increasing, they are working Uncertain Or get a low salary, emphasizes the President of the Young Plus Union Tea CapricornGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Transitioning the youth to the labor market Is Despite the economic growth, it is still difficult. "The state must ensure a more efficient transition to the youth labor market and proper work," Is It was clear.

Moreover, more than half of Slovenia's youth are educated, and the share of tertiary education is increasing. Average gross income of young people Is Last year was 3 1,300 a month, that is Is Data shows about three quarters of the average gross monthly earnings for all employed persons in Slovenia SursaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Last year Is The risk-poverty rate was 13.3% and Slightly 11.7% of all the population of Slovenia.

Young people are happy with their lives, but …

Most youth Is Was generally happy with his life. On a 0 to 10 basis, they rated their life satisfaction with an average score of 8.1. Otherwise Is The average score was 7.3 for all age groups. The least satisfied people were 65 65 or older, with an average rating of 65.7.

Nevertheless, the Youth Council of Slovenia points out Pessimism, Which occurs in young people as they begin the problem of independence. These also increase some areas, among some difficult nuts Is Jevonska ProblemsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge They have been warned that the public has no housing, market rentals and condominiums are too expensive, and young people are often unable to get a loan, they warn.

V. The MSM also criticizes the centralization of the country. "Not all young people want to live in Ljubljana, but the country seems to be promoting rural migration, "They cited. The third challenge, however, is the lack of jobs for higher-educated employees and increasing reputation for businesses. Is A lower level of education is required.

A generation that lives worse than its parents

At MSM, they believe Is Today's generation of young people is the first generation after WWI to be worse off than their parents. The director of the Youth Fisheries for Youth also agrees that young people have more problems today than previous generations. Tin BlanketGeneral Chat Chat Lounge "What I mean here are the basic existential difficulties associated with the transition to employment, housing and independent living Is Something that today Is Inaccessible to most young people. At a young age it is harder to reach than our parents, " Is Explained.

Young people today have more knowledge and experience, more opportunities to participate in society, are more mobile and have access to a wealth of information. "However, unless we achieve economic prosperity and control the labor market, all benefits are of secondary importance because they do not make it easy for them to solve their basic survival problems," Is Wrote.

Exodus Is It can be a good experience, it cannot be the only solution

Blanket Is Also reminded of the migration of young people. Working or studying abroad can be a great experience, but if it is bitter Is This Emergency Solution or Disposal, Is Said. Approximately 44 percent of young women aged 20 to 35 see it as an emergency solution, according to a study by the organization's promotion. Informal Education NefixGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Tax "44 percent prefer to work at home, but if they are not given the opportunity, they will go abroad", They explained.

According to their information Is Only 47% of young girls are satisfied with their current standard of living. However, 44 percent are not satisfied with their employment. At Nefix Otherwise, young women are found to be active in their job search. "Many young women are looking for more employment opportunities from their educational background, one way they are willing to drive more than 20 miles, in jobs that are less than their educational background."

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