Tuesday , August 16 2022

Today is the day of Slovenian meals


Today in Slovak, Slovenian Food is the day of the Slovene diet. It will be marked with a typical Slovenian break and other activities. It is the importance of feeding children and local environment through their ancient awareness, rural agriculture, environmental protection and healthy eating habits. This year, Tourist Catering Shambles are invited for cooperation. They want to know more about the importance of locally made and processed food in hotels and restaurants.

Planning and implementation of annual activities include several ministries and organizations. Their representatives presented important content importance at a press conference on Tuesday. In this way, Slovene Food Day specifically emphasizes the importance of soil for the production of particularly high quality food. They say that food from the local ecosystem is more accessible and enriches the vitamins and rich additives. Slovenia is one of the few European countries with a nutrition program for children in Kiritar. Slovenia's dietary habits have been improved and children and adolescents are more concerned with increasing their demand for more localized products … They invite their children to encourage eBlayar, a Slovenian slave at Slovenian ewever in Slovenia today. , Or in Slovenian, coffee and Aju will be sweetened with Slovenian honey in the future.

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