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Twitch Ninja on a Microsoft .ft mixer

Microsoft launched the Mixer service in 2016, a website where we can watch (or broadcast) live PC games. So it's an option for Twitch and YouTube gaming, but it hasn't really come to life yet. Well, a few days ago, the extremely popular Fortnite player, called a ninja, announced the move to the mixer, and has now announced the first live stream (hence the first "stream").

Ninja had about 14.7 million followers on Twitch and about 50,000 viewers per week. Mostly that game was Fortnite games, but a while back we wrote that he was paid $ 1 million at EA to play the new Apex Legends game for a few days.

It is clear that Microsoft .ft has cut some money for this player's arrival, as it is only a matter of time (if any) for Twitch to start making the same amount of money. Ninja will also promote the mixer at its events, where at the time of writing it has gained 80,000 followers, but now tracking is free (later, like Twitch, it will be paid).

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