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Ultimately the Slovenians threatened but turned around and withdrew from the Olympics

Volv Lieb Qualifiers have been launched in six locations with 12 national teams for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. One of the tickets also goes to Slowens, who lost to France in the first match with Gdansk in the first game with 0: 3, and they were surprisingly unlikely to win first place. The Poles eliminated the Tunisians from the is-1 lead, with the Slovenian Velibri Saturday Saturday players ahead at 8pm on Saturday evening. Only the winner of the tournament will win the ics limpics.

Match Report:

Slovenian Velib .Le Team France Olympic Limpic Qualifying


The nut is a tough nut for the French Slovens

Patron of the Italian strategist on the Slovenian bench Albert Giuliani Performed well in the first set against favored opponents. The majority of the national team was settled, the French were +3 down and finally got the set with 26:24.

It was even hotter in the second, opened well by the Slovenian, who was twice ahead by three points (3: 0, 7: 4), and in the end they lost and lost by 20:25. Similarly, the third set started, Slovenian volleyball players re-tempoed and repeatedly left the Gaelic cock at +5, so it had another technical time (16:11). While it was already suggested that the Slovenians could pull off a fourth set, they outscored it with 23:19 left, allowing the Frenchman six consecutive points and eventually losing 0-3 to that set.

With the French, it was 14 points in the most mood Airvin Nagapath, Stephen Boyer added 11, hanging on 13 in Slovenian Tonnock Stern, Kleiman onion He reached 10.

What did they say after the defeat at the Slovenian camp?

"We did not play badly, but the French were better, especially in long gaps, they often meet," says the Slovenian coach, adding that ideas must be diverted quickly to reconcile with Tunisia.
Photo: FIVB

Alberto Giuliani, Slovenian Coach: "We didn't play badly, but the French were better, especially in the long exchanges they won most. But since this is a three-match tournament, now we need to erase that match with our minds and focus on tomorrow. "

Tonek Šter, Slovenian national team: "I don't know how I can describe after the game what happened. I don't think we started with 100% of the game's head thinking we could win. We showed all three sets that we could compete with them, In terms of both the score and the game, and with some luck on their side in the last set, we already had a five-point difference, but in the end the services of the French and Le Roux The really good luck, Aces or four points, so win them. "

Ellen Pajank, Slovenian National Team: "Defeat was not the worst, of course, it counts a lot, but we can do nothing. We knew we could beat them, we were close, we fought. But mistakes against many good national teams cost them a win. Was. "

Match Photo Gallery (Photo: FIVB):


They no longer depend on themselves

Giulia's team is looking forward to the second leg of the tournament on Saturday, departing for Tunisia at 6.30pm. Before that, it looked like the hosts and the French would collide in the first place in the tournament.

Slovenians have no real chance of getting first place in the group, as they no longer depend on themselves. To win the Olympic Limpic Tickets, you have to beat both Tunisia and Poland, and come back strong with other results.

The poles blew the Tunisians

Hosts and Tunisians first came to the field in Gdansk. As expected, the poles celebrated famously and easily outwitted their opponent. Famous locals, who also belonged to a narrow circle of favorites, easily eliminated Tunisia by 3: 0 (15, 19, 19), making Alexander Slivka the most effective by ten points.

Who qualifies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (12)

In addition to hosting Japan, we will receive an additional six participants on Sunday. The winners will be the qualifying tournaments of Gdansk, Varna, Rotterdam, Bari, St. Petersburg and Ningo. The remaining five places will be filled by winners of additional qualifications – one each from Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Asia. It is already clear that an additional European qualifying tournament will be held in Berlin, with Germany already ranked as the host country, which does not even participate in the current qualifications.

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