Sunday , September 22 2019
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Unacceptable: Driver directly behind # video ambulance in Emergency Lane

During a morning crash on the coastal highway, drivers created a lifestyle that provided immediate and safe access to immediate services at the scene. He took advantage of this as an unidentified foreign driver and drove the entire column behind, driving behind an emergency vehicle. Police are already searching for the driver with a $ 80 fine.

Improper driver behavior

Shortly after 9pm, an accident occurred on the highway between Copper and Copper, on the banks of Copper. The drivers formed the so-called Lifebay for example, but for that time the unidentified driver was driving the intervention completely irresponsible behind the vehicle, passing the rest of the drivers in between.

Police are already looking for a driver who is not facing heavy penalties. For a so-called crime, the Road Traffic Law provides a $ 80 fine. Article 101, paragraph 3, prohibits a driver from joining or proceeding on a priority vehicle, escort vehicle or escort vehicle.

Police have confirmed to us that they have received a .patient report on the crime and the misdemeanor proceedings are still ongoing. Authorities are looking for a silver-colored passenger car, equipped with foreign license plates. Police have not yet located the driver. Video alone (unless it is the proper technology medium for police) is not enough to impose penalties. A willing witness is also required to participate in the proceedings.

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