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We should punish locals for the benefit of the steering wheel


The organizers of this campaign represent results and suggestions on how to deal with numerous European awards, including alcohol-related drivers and painful stories that are often the result of alcohol-related road accidents.

Alcohol is not related to the steering wheel. This "Salomo" does not receive the mind of both young and old, but according to statistics, Sloveniania does not receive much. The only way to increase awareness, especially among young people, was the action heroes in Pajama.

Heroes are an action in Pajama, which was joined by some of the leading Slovenian companies and state institutions on the initiative of David Razogors of Institution Vazsum a few years ago. They have strong power against lucky drivers, which are also very high in youth.

The heroes are wearing pajama Author: Gregor Presbyal

Gregor Presbyal


Left dog

The car

Slovenian motorway cancer is being wounded on the left-hand side of the street

Young people often think that nothing can be done with them that they are immortal.

"We just want to warn you about this. I'm sorry when I look at the traffic safety data. For these details, there are stories about both our members and other stories."

Rajgoskas, which is also disabled on a wheelchair due to road accidents.

Alcohol is a major problem among young people

Statistics are enough to show that every fourth car accident in Slovenia is caused by a young driver, because the cause of every fifth accident is alcohol. Only this year, 3312 traffic accidents were caused by young drivers, 317 drank alcohol, and four died.

The essence of this project is to reduce the number of traffic accidents affected by alcohol and to tell about the transportation of young people and parents before going to party. Under the influence of alcohol and the victims, the Slovenian people are still above the European average by the number of road accidents, and if their parents are waiting for the party to take them home at home, it is a shame.

The heroes are wearing pajama Author: Gregor Presbyal

Gregor Presbyal

The organizers want to inform you that you are a hero if you drink alcohol after a party and are running a house or drinking alcohol in a car. You are a hero, if you wake up in the middle of the night and choose a young man after the party and take him home. They point out that fewer parents, brothers, sisters, uncle, tait, friends, who grow in the middle of the night and come to the youth outside the night club in "Pajama". They say that this is not a shameful act, but there is a brave and "cool" function.


Is there a picture or not?

The car

Quick Driving: How long does the payment order take to your home?

The organizers of the action observe that many parents are heroes and young people want to drink like alcohol or drink alcohol, under the influence of alcohol, in the same way the drivers wait for a car after a car in the same way. In this way they want to discourage young people from shocking acts by shock therapy.

The heroes are wearing pajama Author: Gregor Presbyal

Gregor Presbyal

In Japan, they punish the shop as well

The drivers who conducted this campaign in one of the seven municipalities were a part of Toyota Adria's president, Kensuke Kuchi, who said how to deal with the problem of alcohol in Japan. In Japan, anyone charged by the police fortune behind the wheel is fined between 4,000 and 8,000 euros. It also imposes a fine of 4,000 euros for the person in the car with him and knows that the driver runs under the influence of alcohol. The driver is also paid a fine of 4,000 euros, which gives the car a driver to the drunk driver. However, a penalty is also a place where an alcohol driver was operated, and the end of the bar too. In Japan, if you drink alcohol behind a wheel you can also go without a job.

The heroes are wearing pajama Author: Gregor Presbyal

Gregor Presbyal

Road Humpi

The car

What is the reason for high speed hovering?

Therefore, the organizers of the Heroogi Firaj campaign focus their attention on other aspects, which is still underdeveloped in Slovenia. It is that entertainment organizers should make arrangements for organizing organized transportation with entertainment organized by the organizers.

More and more young women are getting raised

The organizers of this area's operations do not only work with municipalities but also schools. For this purpose, they named "First Aid Kit" this year and named Heroes Furaz in Pamzaz, which will be distributed in municipalities, including all instructions on how to solve the problem and how to solve the problem with lucky drivers, the young man People will not be able to sit behind a wheel or vehicle driven by the alcoholic driver.

The heroes are wearing pajama Author: Gregor Presbyal

Gregor Presbyal

Fire, trojan, tunnel,


Trojans turned drunk in the middle of the tunnel and walked in the opposite direction

Like Dr.

Maza Roschare

From the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), alcohol is a problem that is more than traffic problems. She said that due to health problems due to alcohol use, only two people die daily in Slovenia, three to four people die every day in Slovenia, adding alcohol to wheels and related disasters. Every day, 10 people are admitted to the hospital, which gets sick due to alcohol consumption results. It is surprising that young people under 35 years of age are drunk. This means that, at the end of the week, alcohol is consumed in large amounts when the parties are consumed, because the horrifying fact is that more and more young women are suffering from drinking alcohol, so both species should be treated equally in relation to alcohol. .

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