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When a mad match was held in Luzern, the Belgians woke up. After the London play, Croats broke down.

The League of Nations team's final round started. In the Wembley Stadium, England defeated Croatia at the score 2: 1 and won first in a league match in the league. We have seen a league match in League A. Belgium took the first place with a 0: 2 win over Switzerland. The League of Slovenia will end. Will visit Bulgaria on Monday.

League of Nations, New England, Croatia, started in the fourth season of League A A group of last year. Wembley won this year's World Cup semi-final. Both teams need the first win. Spain needed to win all their matches.

After a good goal Andrzej cramakka In the 57th minute the show had to be performing at the gallery. England, however, became the champions when the match ended. First, reserved at 78th minute Jesse LinkardCaptain and England's best shooter in the 85th minute Harry Kane.

Switzerland is sliding in Lucerne, which will be remembered for a long time.

Switzerland is sliding in Lucerne, which will be remembered for a long time.
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A match in Lunar County is called നോർത്ത്

League A of Group 2 There were two differences against Belgium in Switzerland. Two goals Toragana HassardaChelsea's younger brother Eden Hazard, It was already at 2: 0 at the start of the match, everything was decided. But Swiss have scored five goals – from 26 to 41 minutes, three of them were fired at first. Hero Benfica was an attacker Harris SefurovThree goals scored.

The League B game was just a game of play, but it did not matter. Northern Ireland has won the Austria 2: 1. But in the lead of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this unfortunate Slovenian selector Robert Prosinečko.

Hungary defeated Hungary in the second round of the League. In the last round of Estonia, the first player to take the lead was compelled to shake hands with Greece in a shock.

In the sixth match, Beatrice San Marino took the sixth defeat in the group B, winning the first place in the group. Moldova and Luxembourg were reviewed.

Elite Group's final tournament in Portugal

The final tournament of the League of Nations will be held in Portugal.

In addition to Portugal, Italy and Polls, they did not qualify for the group A3 team as the winners of the Portuguese group were not eligible for the top four national teams.

Captain Ilicic will be in Sofia

With a pleasant surprise from September, the League of Nations wants to leave Slovenia.

With a pleasant surprise from September, the League of Nations wants to leave Slovenia.
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Slovenian football team C League will be held on Monday. In nine of the nine countries, the League can not be the last. So they will be of the lowest. Slovenia will lead a temporary selector on Monday Igor Benedictichi, She will try to win the competition from a bright match. He's back in the team Josip ElliichicServing at a penalty against Norway, they played against Norway (1: 1) András Zuper A backup goalkeeper AlgorithmHe left on Sunday Dominican Republic.

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Without Domin Cyrigo still in Somalia in Slovenia

Playing in League B with Players and also participating in the promotion with Norway is Bulgaria. It's the same after five rounds, so the winner in the group can decide the total difference in total scores.

The best form of Memphis Depay A will be given first place in a league.

The best form of Memphis Depay A will be given first place in a league.
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The Dutch needs a location in Germany

Group A. On Monday, Group A will already have a durb between Germany and the Netherlands. The French group must now confirm the first place in the existing group.

England, who entered the semi-finals of the World Cup World Cup, wrestled Wembley (90,000 spectators) and Slovenian neighbors in the competition. First of all, Lorge will be given the next year to participate and participate in the quotate's chat tournament. Everyone will get it.

Ukraine is the first of its kind in Ukraine. Czech Republic and Slovakia will be charged in mutual settlement. In Group 4, he will face Denmark, it is already the first, out of Ireland.

We will see four matches in D In the A-League, the first will host Georgia and Kazakhstan, Lathavia may visit Andorra, which will decide who will fail. In order to ensure first place in group 4 Macedonia needs a point against Gibraltar. Liechtenstein will host Armenia.

Serbia is a promotion of League B

Serbia is a promotion of League B
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Does the SERIES succeed?

On Tuesday, it will be a regular part of the League of Nations. In a league, play only one match, which is not important. Portugal already has the first place. Poland will be hosting.

Group B will host Group 2 Russia in Group B. When she fails, she will arrive and the Russians will succeed.

Scotland and Israel have won the first goal in Glasgow. Where did Israel go in first place?

In Serbia 4 Serbia must first defeat Lithuania, but it is a draw or a failure. Let's go to Romania first, and it must take a quick hit in Montenegro.

In the Premier League of the C Group's 3rd league of League D-League, the final was only against Azerbaijan. The Faroe Islands will be hosted by Malta.

It's already known before the last round:

Liga A:
Group winners: Portugal, England, Switzerland
Output: Germany, Iceland, Poland, Croatia

Liga B:
They are in progress: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Ukraine
Output: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Turkey

Liga C:
She progressed, Finland,
Output: Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania

Liga D:
She progressed, Georgia, Belarus
Last place: San Marino

How To EP2020

The final tournament will be held in 2020 (A, B, C and D) for each of the European Championships. Through the League of Nations, the EP 2020 qualifying cycle, ten groups will appear, and direct participation in euros will be awarded by the best teams in each group (a total of 20). The return of qualified groups on WW 2020 will be held in Dublin on December 2. At that time, a team of the League of Nations will already know the report.

League of Nations, Round 6

Liga A:

Liga B:

Liga C:

Liga D:

Planet TV and Prvigigaška events in Sport

In the 2018/19 season you can view #PLTS at every round of television broadcasting directly on the Plate and Platform 2. Planet 2 is broadcast by Goli, Danny Baweck to Sony at 8am on Monday. You can read more about the schedule of matches Here.

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