Monday , January 25 2021

Windows 10 Mobile will be uninstalled on December 10

Microsoft advises users of devices with their outgoing mobile operating system to switch to smartphones running Android or IOS.

This month, Microsoft's web pages always appeared in documents with answers to frequently asked questions about the end of support for Windows Mobile 10 Mobile.Windows 10 Support of Mobile End: FAQ).

New versions are not for 15 months

It is no doubt that: The current version of this operating system is 1709 users, published relatively in comparison with October 2017, will not send security and other patches and upgrades after December 10, and will no longer offer free user support. Support from paid support and other providers, as they have written, will continue, but they repeated that public improvements and patches will not be available.

People of the previous edition of 1703 will stop supporting more precisely on June 11.

Windows 7


What exactly will more than a third of the users in a year?

Good idea and solid results are not just enough.

We were first known as Microsoft's Windows Mobile 10 as a Windows Phone by its predecessor for mobile devices.

Both have always promised a user experience on individual computers and mobile devices, but even though it was something good and nice to show, Microsoft did not succeed in supporting a significant portion of smartphone users.

Windows 10


It's good to not find an automatic update for Windows 10




What will happen after December 10?

However, the end of support does not mean that devices with this operating system will stop working at that time, but continuous use of security patches and the absence of upgrades is a significant security risk.

Over time, automatic backup will also stop – three months after the end of support, 10 March, 2020, automatic and manual manual backup settings and most applications on Windows Mobile devices running Windows Mobile 10 will be prevented. It's possible for a little more time, but for a maximum of one year, it is safe to store photos and restore backup devices.

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His last man returned to him, the last man expected from him




Perhaps a new start

This does not mean that Microsoft is definitely withdrawing from the world of smartphones and related mobile devices. Microsoft will appear on some events that are closely related to mobile communications, which may mean that the final designation of the Windows 10 Mobile this year and earlier can bring a bigger renewal from their home, which is currently only specified. With the name of Andromeda's development – it will be a flexible mobile device as indicated.

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