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Woodstock 50 canceled after many complications

The dreams of the 1969 Festival Replay have finally been buried. Photo: SOJ RTV SLO / Barry Z. Levine

"It is a pity that due to a series of unforeseen problems, we cannot organize a festival like we had imagined." The canceled event's co-organizer said Michael LangGeneral Chat Chat Lounge With the festival celebrated between August 16 and 18, the organizers wanted to honor the 50th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Festival, which marks the history of music.

The cancellation is not surprising, as organizers have been facing a number of problems over the past five months. They had trouble finding the right venue for a music event, along with patrons, and recently, celebrities who were ready to attend the event have begun to cancel their appearance.

Just days before the cancellation, organizers tried to reach the last resort – they announced that the program would be free and a campaign to raise funds in support of nonprofit organizations, but that plan ultimately failed.

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