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Despite US sanctions in the second quarter of this year, Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei remains the world's second-largest smartphone maker.



In a shrinking market, Huawei is able to increase the sales of its products.

According to Strategy Analytics, smartphone sales globally declined 2.6 percent to 341 million units between April and June. After several quarters of decline, signs of stability have come out, researchers noted.

South Korean company Samsung has grown its market share by 22% after selling seven percent more phones than a year ago. This led him to overtake Huawei, which accounted for 17% and Apple, which accounted for 11% of the market.

"Huawei surprised everyone and increased its global phone shipments by eight percent annually," CEO commented on Strategy Analytics Neil Maston. Huawei boosted the domestic market while facing regulatory uncertainties in other important regions.

Apple Pulse, meanwhile, saw its iPhone sales decline eight percent in the quarter. Its status in China is stable and expensive iPhones are becoming a challenge in other major markets like India and Europe, the report said.

Similar findings were obtained by ResearchPCounty Counterpoint Research, which also placed Samsung, Huawei and Apple Pool in the top three after the sale of smartphones. Analyst Tarum Pathak Counterpoint is convinced that Huawei Technologies of G is on sale in the US. The ban will only have a negative impact in the coming months.

"The impact of the ban has not yet turned into small sales this quarter, which will remain unchanged in the future." The reader said. He predicted that Huawei will aggressively hit the domestic market in the coming months and there will be growth, which is not enough to meet the recession in other markets.

Both surveys rank fourth and fifth among Chinese phone makers Xiaomi and Oppo, respectively. According to Counterpoint, the total share of Chinese companies Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and RealMe rose to 42 percent in the second quarter, the highest so far.

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