Monday , May 29 2023

A note of children's antibiotics has been reduced in Sweden


According to the National Board of Health Statistics, the daily number of daily immunization rates for antitraks recipients decreased. Between 2007 and 2017, it was 23 per cent lower. In Haland County, 28 percent cut in less than one percent of Gottlland County.

The prescription for infant antibiotics decreased between 2007 and 2017. Development for people under 80 is very slow. The figures from the National Board of Health state. The daily dose is the average quantity of the daily dose.

This trend is natural Malin Grppe, head of the Antibiotics & Healthcare Care Unit of the Public Health Authority,

The lowest among children was reported. In general, for instance, viral infections have the most unnecessary notes. In older persons, we will live longer, and then you become more sensitive to the necessary infections to treat the antibiotics. For those who really need antibiotics, we do not want to reduce the use of useless, incorrect prescription.

There are few reasons for the general public.

We see the "kensilukalilum County municipalities and a change in the effective operations. People's attitudes to personal doctors. Doctors hope you are not going to get printed antibiotics your doctor if you know you have this problem. It is easy to decide to leave or to wait for the doctors Ikkunnu.

The reason for excess use Axis Hagar, the investigator and the controversial microbiologist at the county administration board, have a number of reasons. One of the reasons he inherited is virus treatment.

"You do not use antibiotics for viral infections, and nothing happens." In Sweden it has a lot of work and it probably should not be normal, internationally, when we compare with many people.

Malin Grape states that development is in progress, but defense does not end perfectly because it is part of the evolution of bacteria.

– Overweight over a decade has increased. Resistance to bacteria can be beneficial because other bacteria die, so that these good qualities can be shared in their view. Bacteria make the environment easier, they say.

A few more elements Acknowledgger Hargar aims to reduce the use of antibiotics in printed notes.

– Everyone should help. Health, food, pharmaceutical industry. But preventive measures are very important. We have seen a good development in the development and adherence of the laws for sanitation in hospitals. If you do not have infection, usually no antibiotics are needed, "they say.

If the antibiotic resistance continues to increase, the main consequences of the Malin Grapple will be.

"Consequently, you will not be able to prevent the infections that you need for greater health care, some activities or chemotherapy, for example, that can be very dangerous, you will already see rising illness, mortality and expenses.

Despite development It seems harder, light glue according to Açanaan Hagar.

"We have started talking about this because it has been upgraded internationally and there is no need for all countries to cooperate with bacteria.

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