Tuesday , February 7 2023

A week after Carloscro leads to SVT's Soliaga


Since 1990, the so-called "Soligen" SVT has been introduced in the report.

Measmere Ive starts the criteria and ends in the summer. 2019 applies eight weeks of solar size and will be voted on the 16th of August.

After the first week of measurement, it was the bleaching Carloscoro who took the lead. Between June 21 and June 27, Carloscron scrapped a total of 95 hours of sunshine.

"Top Coastal Station"

In second place, but 93 hours can be found in the Northern Cape of Sunshine Oland, followed by Hobbourg on Gotland with 92 hours of sunshine.

In Friday's report, SVT's meteorologist Michael Szstrand says that at the top we find coastal stations.

During the first week of mountain and mountainous triangle storlene, kiruna and terrahala surveys, it was clearly found with the sun at least.

Last year, it was the Swedish peaks that had the highest sun hours after eight weeks of measurement.

Carloscrona once won the league – it was 2015.

Photo: Evening Post

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