Wednesday , June 23 2021

A well-known artist Götebprgs is convicted of serious sms threats at the district court

In February this year, famous singer Gothenburg threatened illegal threats to the district court. The violation between January 21 and 21, 2017, must have taken place.

Prosecution and prosecutor Victor Tournée describes a threat:

"XX threatened by sending a vocabulary message on January 11, 2017, with a gun holding a gun, (Hels Engels, reflecting Red Notes.)"

He was sentenced to 80 days in prison on Tuesday. The compensation of Security Exchanger will also be paid Rs.5,000 / -.

District court writes:

"In a photo sent, guns and westerners appeared in the logo of Arsenal's Big Red Machines, which generated a serious fear of the security of the sender."

According to District Court, the band is mentioned by Bandidos in their hot band.

Threat to phone

"In total, in addition to a text message, you will see a phone call, as I see here, the woman has a threat and the woman is clearly an illegal threat, said prosecutor Victor Turin.

A week later, a hot police officer said. He immediately responded with a new text message. According to police 's initial investigation report, "Can you recover the police report?


Photo: An artist sent a smile of smile to the girlfriend in connection with the threats.

"Nothing to say"

Famous artist has succeeded abroad and abroad in the past. He also joined various television programs. Wrote songs for melodie pipse.

The GT called the artist for a comment on the prosecution.

I do not say anything before the conversation breaks out.

The GT approached prosecutor Victor Tourne and the lawyer's lawyer.

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