Saturday , February 27 2021

After a compromise in Skåne, a loss of one million will be lost

Intense fraudulent characteristic of SSS in scan spread to homophobia. The democratic methods were used to maintain the power of the department.

This news caught the attention of the national level. OPTION Live SVT Discussed in the program. KVP in Malmö Directed directly from the editors.

Now, the youth organization MUF decided to revise the SSLC at the National Ministry for Youth and Civil Affairs at Sweden.

Money can be saved

"We will visit our national delegates directly and ask them how they handle this situation," said Mo Wilfonom, Unit Officer of the National Contribution Unit for MCOCFC.

If the answer is not correct, the MUCF can make money for the money that the SUU would receive.

"We want to see if there are democratic structures in the SSU work and they can make money next year if they do not take action," says M. Wallenhoal.

1.5 million

About one and a half million chronicles each year.

"Associations have been repaid," says Mo Wallonholm.

The MoUF makes a decision whether or not SSRO maintains all the requirements of the State Youth Consortium in the Navy.

The Social Democrats in Monday's SCA will organize and discuss the SSS Planning Program for the District Council to overcome the conflicts of confidence.

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