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Alex Alban is ready for F1 stall Red Bull, replacing Pierre Gasly

The F1 team replaced Pierre Gasly with Alex Alban

NoAnna Anderson

Pierre Gesley leaves Red Bull Racing.

In the middle of the holiday.

Instead it is Alexander Alban.

Red Bull uses summer breaks in Formula One to make changes to the team.

Pierre Gesley, who left B-Team Toro Rosso for Red Bull Racing for the season, must now return to Toro Rosso with immediate effect.

Instead, Alex Alban becomes Max Verstappen's new teammate in Red Bull Racing from a GP in Belgium.

– Red Bull is in wonderful shape that we have contracted with four very talented drivers and they can switch between Red Bull and Toro Rosso, writes Stable in a press release.

– The team will use the next nine races to evaluate the performance of Alex Alban, to get the best possible conditions for a decision taken before 2020.

Alex Alban new driver on Red Bull

Alex Alban entered Formula 1, for Toro Rosso, last spring .Though his season started, he made solid efforts and scored 16 points. Pierre Gasley, on the other hand, has been clearly absent from his team-mate Wurstapen and Red Bull has no support for his other driver's needs.

Therefore, the change will already resume in late August Gust.

This isn't the first time Red Bull has switched drivers between their teams during the mid-season, during the start of the 2016 season, Danielle Kyate had to leave Red Bull for Max Verstappen – and thanks to Verstappen winning the first race for a new stable.

The poet still runs for Toro Rosso and now meets Pierre Gesley as a teammate for the rest of the season.

It is not yet decided which drivers will run the two stables in 2020. Max Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull, but it is not yet clear who is driving the other car on the team or which of the two drivers Toro Toro Rosso will put up next year.

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